News from San Antonio Church – April 3, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin April 3, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday San Antonio Church Parishioners will hold their monthly Mass and celebration in honor of the Roberto, Gramaglia and Bellissimo families.  Many generations of these 3 early families are present this morning as we countdown the next few months until our 100th Anniversary in August.  Our current church members will always remember the contributions made in those founding years up until the present days that these families have made to keep San Antonio Church going.  The Louis and Fern Romelli Roberto were supporters of our church until their passing.  Tina Roberto Kroeger has been involved with the May Crowning, sisters Gina and Lu Ann Roberto have been handling all the historical pictures for the posters.  We will never forget the times we have called on Vince and Sharon Roberto who came to our rescue many times with much needed donations.  Everyone remembers the three Wittkamp Sisters who married men from the Italian Colony of South Fairmount.  Mildred Lucille Wittkamp (1916-2012) wed Joseph Vito Roberto (1914-1987) in 1937, children James Patrick Roberto (1939-2011), Robert J. Roberto (1942-2016), Diane Roberto Runge (1949-2018) and son, Joseph Roberto.   Lorraine June Wittkamp (1921-2015) who wed Vito Joseph Roberto (1924-2000) daughter, Joann D Roberto Stephens (1942-2005), and sister, Glenna Sylvia Wittkamp (1925-2014) who married into the Morra/Moore family when she married John Moore (1924-1995) and welcomed daughter Linda (Moore) Hennessey.  They all dedicated many years for the benefit of our church.

The Gramaglia family were dedicated church members for many years and had successful neighborhood businesses.  The last surviving sibling Therese Gramaglia Schultz was a strong presence at San Antonio throughout her life while being active in the Men’s and Ladies Club, especially on the ”Mangia” cookbook committee and as Fern Romelli Roberto’s right hand for the many decisions made during the uncertain times of the 1980’s.  We all remember Robbie and Joe Schultz donating many years of service for our “Lunch on the House” twice a month meal and the annual Spaghetti Dinners.  They paved the way for the next group of volunteers who are now continuing this much needed program every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.   In the past, Rob and Andrea Schultz had served San Antonio Church as Officers of the Men’s and Ladies Club.

The Bellissimo family have a history with San Antonio Church that goes back many years when they resided in the “Little Italy” neighborhood. Today, Agnes Marie Bellissimo Di Stasi along with husband Dino Di Stasi have been generous with supplies for our twice monthly Lunch on the House.  They have given us assistance in meal planning and enough food items in times when our kitchen staff needed the extra help.  They graciously donated in memory of the Bellissimo and Di Stasi family members, who were always faithful members of our church.  San Antonio thanks these three families.  


News from San Antonio Church – March 27, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin March 27, 2022

by Terrie Evans

The Bellissimo Family has connections to the Lettieri,  Gramaglia, Di Stasi, Rinaldo and other San Antonio and South Fairmount families.  In Roccadaspiede, Salerno Italy, Giuseppe Bellissimo (1840-1923) married Maria Filomina Lettieri (1845-1927) and welcomed Angelo Bellissimo Sr. (1890-1971) who arrived in America at the age of 16 in 1906.   He went on to work as a ships mate going between New York and Italy until settling in Cincinnati by the age of 19.  During those years, Frank Lettieri was arriving in New York and would later make his journey on to Cincinnati after becoming a Naturalized Citizen in 1928.  Agnes Rinaldo was born in New York on December 28, 1895, while their ship was docked in New York Harbor.  The Rinaldo family would make their way to Cincinnati and settle in Madisonville.  Angelo (1890-1971) and Agnes (1895-1953) would later meet each other when they were both working as Domestics in a Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.   

Their wedding would take place at Sacred Heart Italian Church in 1913 in a ceremony performed by Rev. John Balangero.  Angelo was 23 and a Fireman living at 2218 Symmes Street while bride, Agnes Rinaldo was 17 and working in a shoe factory while residing at 1114 Broadway Street.  By 1920, Angelo and Agnes were living at 2323 May Street while he held a job as a Contactor with their growing family, sons:   Anthony 5 years old, Joseph 4 years old, and Daughter Violet Bellissimo, 2 years old.  Also residing with them was Agnes’ sister, Josephine Rinaldo (1897-1956) employed as a seamstress in a tailor shop.  On the holiday weekend of July 5, 1922, the family suffered a tragedy when daughter Violet Bellissimo died one month after her 5th birthday on June 2nd.  

In the 1930 Census the Bellissimo family had bought their first home located at 1885 Montrose Street after Angelo became a   Naturalized Citizen. Living nearby was a relative, Frank Lettieri at 1695 Montrose Street. In 1930, Angelo was 40, Agnes 34, Anthony 15, Joseph 14, Franklin 9, and Philomena 7.  By 1940 Angelo was promoted to a Foreman when he was 49, Agnes 45, Anthony 25, Joseph 24, Franklin (frank) 20, Angelo Jr. 19, Philomena 16, and at that time, Agnes’ niece, Victoria Rinaldo was residing with them.  Victoria was working in a bakery before her marriage in 1945 to Anthony J. Metzner( 1911-1993 ) a widower with a minor child after the death of his wife Lorraine Catherine (Horn) Metzner (1915-1936).  To support his child and new wife, Anthony worked at the HH Meyer Packing Company on Central and Linn Streets.  There were other Rinaldo neighbors, Joseph Rinaldo (1901-1973) at 1933 Queen City Avenue whose Funeral Mass was held at San Antonio and son Frank (1927-1997) a sheet metal worker at 2161 Queen City Avenue. 

During those early years of our church, Angelo Bellissimo Sr. was a proud member of the Contadina Society and on the weekend of June 11 &12 in 1938, he was on the Committee for the San Antonio Italian Church 17th Annual Summer Festival along with Joseph Fernbacher, Vito Prinzo, and Daniel Acito.  Their Festival Committee planned a Band Concert, a Circus Clown Revue, and a Fireworks Display.  All South Fairmount and those families from the suburbs were in attendance as they looked forward to this festival every year.  At that time, Agnes Rinaldo Bellissimo was a member of the Ladies Altar and Rosary Society scheduling the women from the neighborhood for cleaning and maintaining the church, taking care of the linens, and representing San Antonio Church as ambassadors for all Funerals and special church events.   

The Bellissimo family Children and Grandchildren:   Anthony (1915-1985) who enlisted at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana and served in the Army during World War II.  Anthony Joseph worked at the H & S Pogue company at 4th and Race Streets.  He would later relocate to Florida and is buried there.  Joseph (1916- 1968) who resided on Queen City Avenue worked for the Cincinnati gas & Electric Co. at Front Street.  Frank Joseph (1919-1996) wed a girl from Weirton, West Virginia, Genevieve A. Paolisso (1921-2018) after serving our country in the Army as a Sgt during World War II.  Frank and Genevieve were married on May 31, 1951.   They welcomed daughter Agnes Marie named after her grandmother who married into another San Antonio Parrish   family, the Di Stasi’s when she wed Mark Di Stasi.

Angelo “Bliss” Bellissimo Jr. (1930-1991) wed Louise Gramaglia  (1932-2020) on New Year’s Eve,  December 31,  1951 at San Antonio Church before he left to serve in Korea.  While he was in the service, Louise worked as a telephone operator awaiting his return.  Bliss enrolled in college to become an electrical technician and for many years worked at CVG as an Air Traffic Controller until his retirement.  They had two sons Jay and the late John Bellissimo.    Philomena “Phyliss” Bellisemo (1923-2016) wed Elmer Jones (1917-2001) children Janice, Joyce, Joanne, Jeana, Jerrilyn. 


News from San Antonio Church – March 20, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin March 20, 2022

by Terrie Evans

The Gramaglia Family journeyed from Modugno, Bari, Italy and today generations of this large family are still united to many parishioners from San Antonio Church.  The Patriarch and Matriarch, Vincenzo Gramaglia (1856-1935) and Vita Maria (Tarinta) Gramaglia (1863-1926) welcomed children Pasquale Gramaglia (1887-1937), Cecilia Gramaglia (1891-1978), Vito James Gramaglia (1892-1977), Simeone “Sam” Gramaglia (1901-1981), Maria Gramaglia (1902-1945) and Francesca Gramaglia (1903-1903 ).  Vincenzo and Vita Maria Gramaglia never journeyed to America and are buried in Italy.  The oldest sibling, Pasquale born in 1887,  journeyed to New York and died there in 1937.  Vito born in 1892 came to Cincinnati in 1910 and a few years later, Sam born in 1901, came to America in 1913. 

The Gramaglia brothers married two Roberto cousins with Vito (1892-1977) marrying Antoinette Roberto (1896-1936) on February 15, 1914, in a ceremony performed by Rev. John Balangero, Pastor of   Sacred Heart Italian Church.  Vito was 21 and Antoinette was 16,  and they established their homestead at 2138 Queen City Avenue.  Vito worked as a machinist at Eastern Machinery Company for 25 years, retiring in 1955.   He then went on to a new venture, founding Pasquale’s Pizza with sons, Vincent, and Pasquale.  Throughout his life, Vito always kept up with the needs of his hometown village and enlisted other Italian businessmen from Cincinnati to support the cause.  This dedicated group would also go on to help the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Vito and Antoinette’s  children Marie (Gramaglia) Isadore (1915-2007) wed Joseph Albert  Isadore (1914-1995)  in 1939, and at onetime operated Isadore’s Pizza, Vincent Gramaglia (1917-1999) operate Liberty Bakery and was  one of the Pasquale Pizza founders married Gladys Kurtza (1918-2000) in 1940, Joseph Gramaglia (1920-2015) wed Helen Rebennack and was one of the 8 Italian graduates from the St. Bonnies Class of 1934 that started the yearly reunions with Dan Andriacco, John Augustine, Frank Bellissimo, Joseph Bonaventura, Victor Cupito, Herman “Nouch” Di Stasi and John “Bap” Soldano.  Son, Frank Gramaglia (1922-2004) wed Helen (1910-1998) on July 3, 1947, Pasquale Gramaglia (1924-1980) caused a quite a scare in the neighborhood when he went missing from school due to a bad report card from St. Bonaventure School.  The police were called as he waited out his punishment at a family member’s house. 

Pasquale went on to wed Hazel Bradhold (1928-1998) and before he was one of the founders of Pasquale Pizza Carry Outs, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II on the U.S.S. Wichita, a ship that was awarded 13 Battle stars for service during WWII.  Cecilia (Gramaglia) De Camp (1928-2003) graduated from Mother of Mercy High School wed James De Camp (1924-2015) settled in Indiana with the couple operating a Pasquale Pizza Carry Out on Troy Avenue until 1992 and are buried there, Vetulia ( Gramaglia) Newman (1926-2011),  Louise Gramaglia Bellissimo (1932-2020) operated Pasquale’s Pizza on Queen City Avenue wed Angelo Bellissimo.  Theresa Gramaglia Schultz wed the late Robert Schultz and is the last surviving sibling.  

Vito’s brother, Simeone “Sam” Gramaglia (1901-1981) was a truck driver when he married tailoress, Angela Roberto on February 10, 1922, when he was 21 and she was 16.  Angela was born in Old Forge, Pennsylvania with Sam becoming a naturalized citizen in 1926.  They settled and raised their family at 2189 High Street near the Carmen Bonaventura, Luigi Morra, and the Antonio and Frank Roberto families.  Sam and Angela were active at San Antonio Church with Sam volunteering for the Festival Committee during the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Church in 1932.

      Sam and Angela welcomed Vincent F. Gramaglia (1923-1990) who served in the Army during World War II 1943-1945 became a salesman when he moved to Clearwater, Florida.   Vincent had sons Sam Gramaglia and Guy March.  Daughter Marie (Gramaglia) Virgin born in 1928 wed John Virgin (1927-1997) who graduated from Roger Bacon high School .  They married on April 26, 1947, before he served as a Corporal in the Signal Corps during the Korean War and later welcomed son, Tim Virgin and daughter, Vicki (Virgin) Meyer.   


News from San Antonio Church – March 13, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin March 13, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this 2nd Sunday of Lent,  our San Antonio Parishioners are ready to honor our next group of families to celebrate.  The large Roberto Family lived in the Upper Lick Run area of Little Italy with Alexander at 2138 Queen City Avenue, Anthony and Pasquale (on the Festival Committee 1932) at 2153 Queen City Avenue who operated an Imported and Domestic Grocery Store until the 1940’s, Antonio at 2206 Champlain Street, Frank a member of the Contadina Society, residing at 2208 Champlain Street, and Giuseppe at 2157 Queen City Avenue.  Giuseppe, Pasquale, and Antonio were all present at the dedication of the St. Anthony Welfare Center Neighborhood House and are in the dedication picture.  All the Roberto men were active in the Lick run and Petersburg Reunions in the past and were present for the Reunions for the St. Bonaventure School Reunions.  Alexander, Anthony, and Pasquale are mentioned on the Honor Roll of men who served during World War II on the marquee in our Hall.  Patrick Roberto was the manager of the San Antonio baseball Team and from the 1st generation of Italian Americans, Louis, and Fern (Romelli) Roberto were one of the last to families reside on Biegler Street and raise their children in the area around San Antonio Church. 

Giuseppe Roberto (1866-1925) wed Angela Felizia Rizzo (1861-1935) around 1891. 

Giuseppe came to America in 1903 with son Pasquale (Patsy) and Angela (Rizzo) Roberto, following 2 years later in 1905 with their son Alexander and daughter Antoinette.  Pasquale (Patsy) Roberto (1892-1953) became a citizen in 1922 and married Louise Di Stasi (1891-1942) Children: Joseph, Anthony, Alexander, Vito Joseph, Pasquale Jr., Louis Roberto, Angelina Buck, and Rose Baudendistle.  Pasquale worked for the F.H. Lawson Co. for 30 years, was a member of the Contadina and Holy Name Society of San Antonio Church.   Brother, Alexander Roberto (1899-1970) wed Leona Schumann (1904-1984) in 1923, worked as a salesman,  and welcomed children Angela (Roberto) Samad, Cecilia (Roberto) Newberry, Rosemary (Roberto) Margeson, Alexander and Joseph Roberto. Alexander Roberto was a member of San Antonio Men’s and Contadina Societies, the Felitto Club, The South Fairmount Improvement Association, and the 21st Ward Republican Club.  Daughter Antoinette Roberto (1896-1932) wed Vito James Gramaglia (1892-1977) left her children motherless when she died suddenly after the birth of daughter, Louise Gramaglia Bellissimo.   Antoinette passed away 2 days after Christmas in 1932 at the age of 36.  Louise would be placed in St. Joseph Orphanage until the age of 5 when she was able to join her older siblings.   Vito kept his family together with the older siblings looking out for the younger ones.  Besides Louise, children: Maria (Gramagalia) Isadore, Vincent, Joseph, Frank, Pasquale, Vetulia “Viola” (Gramaglia) Newman, and Cecilia Marie (Gramaglia) De Camp.  We all remember our long time San Antonio Parishioner, Theresa (Gramaglia) Schultz, the last surviving sibling.

Antonio Roberto (1873-1954) wed Maria Perrone (1875-1930) had Pasquale, Josephine (Roberto) Moore,  Peter, Anthony, and Louis Joseph Roberto   between 1899-1914.  Frank Roberto (1880-1961) married Angela D’Agostino, (1878-1952) sister of Rosario(1872-1954) and Antonio (1885-1926) and worked for the City of Cincinnati to support his family.   Children Angela (Roberto) Gramaglia, Joseph,  Mathilda (Roberto) Picadio, Margaret (Roberto) Bruser,   Antoinette (Roberto) Martin,  Louise Francis (Roberto)  Berning, and Mary Ann (Roberto) Clift.


News from San Antonio Church – March 6, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin March 6, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this 1st Sunday of Lent, we welcome members of the Esposito/Metz, Gargano, Morra/Moore, and Prinzo families.  Generations of these families have for many years made were a big part of the history of San Antonio Church. The Nobile Esposito family settled at 1994 Queen City Avenue and have been present at our church as members of the Men’s and Ladies Clubs, the Choir and were Committee Chairs for our Golden Anniversary.  Rosemary (Metz) and Tony Esposito were the power couple at a time when their direction was needed.  Their daughter Barb (Esposito) Ilacqua directed the Choir and played at Sunday Masses for 8 years.  We felt honored to have Barbara and she felt honored and humbled on the day she played for the Funeral Mass on December 8, 1968, for a young man from South Fairmount who was KIA in Quang Nam, Vietnam.   Army PFC Michael Robert Bach (The Wall of Faces Panel 37 W, Line 60 Inscription: CO A 31 INF 196 LT INF BDE) was a friend to our parishioners Denny Gardner and Gary Dudley who grew up on Biegler Street.  Michael (1949-1968) was a parishioner along with his father Peter, mother Garnet and sister Shelia Bach who resided at 2094 Queen City Avenue.  On the day of Michael’s funeral, San Antonio Church parishioners and all South Fairmount came to grieve and to show support for his parents.  Barbara witnessed other milestones while leading the choir especially when Fr. Fred Serraino celebrated his 1st Mass of Thanksgiving at San Antonio on June 1, 1969.  The Esposito family offered up many years of selfless dedication for the good of our church.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The Metz Family have been in the area near the church for many years and resided across the street from the Esposito’s at 2003 Queen City Avenue.  Mary Metz along with her daughters, Rosemary, JoAnn, Carol, and Mary Jane were active in promoting our church.  It was only natural for JoAnn Metz (1930-2021) to continue and work every day to save our church and sustain the ”healing valley” of Little Italy in the neighborhood she loved.  JoAnn attended the South Fairmount Association meetings, worked with the City of Cincinnati Sewer District, and kept our area current while keeping all of us informed.  We will always remember JoAnn Metz and her family for all they have done for San Antonio Church and the community of South Fairmount.   

The Sebastian and Rosa (Esposito) Gargano Family are part of the Esposito and Metz families and were neighbors to the early settlers on Queen City Avenue:   Stevens, Delseno’s, Panaro’s Marckesano’s and Minella’s when their home was located at 2000 Queen City Avenue.  There are many good memories of this family and the 6 young children left motherless when Rosa died at 31.  All the siblings prospered, married, had families, and shared memories of Grandpa Sebastian, his gardens and the grapes used for wine making. The Gargano men served our country during World War II and Korea and their names are listed on the Military Honor Roll in our Hall.

The Morra/Moore Family members have been involved in church activities for many years with close ties to the Minella and Roberto families through the brothers Louis and Dominic’s marriages.  They were early members of our church with young Joseph Moore shown in the group picture after making his Confirmation in 1927.  Don, Frank, John, and Louis Moore all served as Officers on Parish Council.  One of the most dedicated was Don Moore who had been active until his passing in 2021.  Don and Rosemary Moore were a big part of the Golden Jubilee, all the Monte Carlo Night Fundraisers and were witnesses at the marriage of Brigitte to Jean Baptiste in 2009.  Don Moore handled many duties at our church and was in the Hall for every Lunch on the House, Spaghetti Dinner and Pizza Party.  

The Prinzo family have been with San Antonio Church for over 4 generations.  The Vito Prinzo Homestead was located at 1937 Queen City Avenue with Vito pictured on the St. Anthony Welfare Center dedication with son Bobbie Prinzo between Gennaro Palmieri and Pat Galardo.  Virginia “Virgie”  Prinzo is also listed along with Bobbie Prinzo in the 1927 Confirmation Class picture.  All the members of the Prinzo Family were involved in the Men’s and Ladies, all the fundraisers and events.  Vito and Virgie (Schiavo) Prinzo had many close friends and family members with Virgie witnessing the wedding of Dena Panaro to her uncle,  Silvano Minella in 1913.  Butch and Gladys Prinzo had been active for many years and now our church community has welcomed their daughter Cyndi (Prinzo) Fitzpatrick to our Sunday Mass, Men’s, and Ladies Club meetings and all our events.


News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 27, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 27, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we mention the last of the 4 families to be honored on Sunday March 6th at Mass and a Reception in our Hall.  Today we introduce the Prinzo family who were members from the early days of San Antonio.  These San Antonio Church parishioners were active in the Men’s Society, St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality, and the Felitto Club.  The Prinzo family history dates to matriarch, Josephine (Scairato) Prinzo (1849-1913) coming to America after the death of her husband, Angelo Prinzo (1839-1899) in Felitto, Italy.  They had 12 children between the years 1869-1895.  One of their sons, Carmine Prinzo(1887-1977) moved to Akron, Ohio married and worked for the Mohawk Tire and Rubber Company.  His brother, Vito Antonio Prinzo came to America in 1907 (1890-1968) married Virginia Schiavo (1899-1978) on September 27, 1914.  Virginia( Schiavo’s) Prinzo’s sister Giovanna “Joan “ Schiavo  (1901-1967) wed youngest brother Rosario Prinzo (1893-1923) on June 19, 1919, after he was Honorably Discharged from serving in World War I (Sept. 1918-April 1919).  They established their home at 1937 Queen City Avenue.  

Sadly, Rosario died on October 14, 1923, at the age of 29 while working for the Cincinnati Traction Company.   Widow, Giovanna “Joan” Prinzo would later marry Edward Feldkamp (1899-1953) and have a family.  Virginia “Virgie’s”  parents were Nobile Schiavo and Mathilda Rosa (Minella) (1871-1938) who married in Italy on November 22, 1890.  Besides Virginia Schiavo Prinzo and Joan Schiavo Prinzo Feldkamp, Nobile, and Mathilda Rosa (Minella) Schiavo’s  other children were Maria Rosaria (Schiavo) Gnazzo (1891-1965), Antoinette (Schiavo) Neighbors (1907-1978), Bridget (Schiavo) Bowler (1909-1998) and Samuel Frank Schiavo (1912-1969).   

Vito and Virginia (Schiavo) Prinzo resided at 1916 Queen City Avenue while he held a job as a welder for the Street Railway Co.  Vito is pictured in the St. Anthony’s Welfare Center’s dedication picture in the front row with his son Robert” Robbie”  Prinzo  between Gennaro Palmieri and Pat Gallardo.  Vito and Virgie’s children were Joseph (1915-2002), Patricia Angelina (1917-1995) and Robert (1920-1991).  Joseph Prinzo wed Lorraine “Bit” White (1918-2000) on September 25, 1937, in a ceremony performed by Rev. Edwin J. Anweilier after they met crossing the Western Hills Viaduct.  Joseph Prinzo was called up for military service on March 20, 1945, at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio while a married man with young children.  Lorraine was working as a tailoress at the time while Joseph was employed as a skilled lineman and servicemen with the telegraph, telephone, and power (CG&E).  They had son Robert “Butch” Prinzo  (1939-2021) who wed Gladys (Hetzer) children Robert, Pam, Tony, Cyndi, Vince, and Debbie.  Joseph’s and Lorraine’s Daughters, the late Joyce Prinzo  (1943-2008),  children Mary, Sherry, Tony Joe, and Jason.   Audrey Prinzo wed Denny Davis, children Shelly, Denny, and Jerry.  Teresa Prinzo wed John Baker’s younger brother of our parishioner, Jack Baker,  children Gina, the late Angie, and Keith Baker.  Vito and Virginia’s “Virgie” daughter Patricia “Sis” Prinzo (1917-1995) wed Donald Hasenohr (1920-1987) who served as a Cincinnati Firefighter for 29 years with ladder Company 13 until his retirement.  Their children Nancy Yankoviak,  Denise Sierra and the late Mark Hasenohr, a Cincinnati Police Officer.  Nancy (Hasenohr) Bocklet Yankoviak married Robert “Toby”  Yankoviak and were continually active volunteers at San Antonio until his passing in 2105.  Nancy and Toby donated a new bird bath for our Memorial Brick Garden.  Youngest son, son Robert (1920-1991) wed Marian Eisert (1922-2010) and with their family relocated to Dade County, Florida with children the late Patricia “Pat-Pat” Ann Prinzo Lezaca (1943-2010 , Sandy, Rick, and Michael Robert Prinzo.   

The Prinzo family is connected to the many families who left Felitto, Italy to journey to Old Forge, Pennsylvania, Akron or Cincinnati, Ohio to establish themselves as American citizens and live to see their families grow.  Our San Antonio Church Community was sad to lose one of our last Prinzo church members, Butch Prinzo in 2021.  On Sunday, March 6th we hope to welcome members of Butch and Gladys Prinzo’s family and the next generation of this historical family for our Mass and Celebration along with members of the Esposito, Gargano, and Moore Families. 


News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 20, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 20, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we recall the Morra/Moore Families and their connections to many other families within the San Antonio Church community.  There were two brothers, Dominic Antonio (1877-1959) and younger brother Louis Morra (1896-1980).  Dominic married Mary Minella on April 30, 1905 and resided at 1937 Queen City Avenue.  Their children Angelina (1906-1984), Pauline “Palma” (1907-2001), twins Jeanette (1911-2002) and Joseph (1911-1986) and Rose (1926-1993).  Before World War I, Mary traveled back to Italy with her young children Angelina, Palma, Jeanette, and Joseph to visit her parents, Vito, and Palma Minella.  Their travel plans changed when Italy entered the war in 1915 with the United States following in 1917.  They finally returned to America on May 18, 1921, on the Ship San Giovanni when the children were older. 

When Mary and the children were in Italy, husband Dominic was living at 1937 Queen City Avenue, with Mary (Minella) Morra’s brother, Silvano Minella age 22, Donato Tedesco 20 years old, and Pasquale Lucia age 22.  Their homestead was on the corner directly across from Haynay’s Grocery that dated back to the mid 1800’s and was said to be a blacksmith and livery stable.  During Mary’s absence Dominic was working for Union Gas & Electric (CG&E) and in 1920,  Dominic  relocated to 2326 Symmes Street to live with his brother Louis‘s family while Mary and their children were delayed in Italy.  

In the 1930 census, Dominic and Mary were residing at 2326 Symmes with the twins (Jeanette and Joseph) now 19 and the youngest, Rose age 4.  Dominic and Mary built a home at 6610 Coffey Street in Mt. Washington where they became parishioners at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.  Their children:  daughter Angeline (Morra) (1905-1984) married Joseph Bonavita (1902-1972) in 1928 with children: Rafilia (Lee) Frank, Dominic, and Angelo.  Palma (Morra) (1907-2001) married Anthony Del Vecchio (1900-1962) in 1924.  To support his family, Anthony worked as a Machinist at P&G.  They had Ciro “Jerry” Del Vecchio (1927-1996), Kay Gibbons (1930-2018), and Mary Jo Parrott (1925-2003).  Palma (Morra) Del Vecchio relocated to Boynton Beach, Florida after Anthony’s death.  Jeanette Morra  (1911-2002) married Joseph Henkenberens (1911-1982) they had daughter, the late Sandra (1947-1949).  Joseph Morra (1911-1986) married Catherine Mangano (1912-1987) having daughter, the late Mary Kay Combs and son, Donald J. Morra.  Rose Morra (1926-2009 ) married Paul Bennet in December 1943 in Covington, Kentucky with two sons born to them, the late Michael and Randy Bennett.    

            Dominic’s younger brother Louis (1895-1980) came to America in 1913 at the age of 17 on the ship Santa Anna.  Louis wed Josephine Roberto (1901-1986) in 1919 and resided at 2206 Champlain Street with Grandpa,  Antonio Roberto with neighbors, Carmen Bonaventure at 2189 High Street, Pasquale Galardo 2212 Champlain, and Frank Roberto at 2208 Champlain Street. Louis and Josephine had seven children – Joseph, Anthony, John, Louis, Frank, Donald, and Rosemary.  The oldest son was Joseph Moore (1920-1988) who served in the Army before marrying Betty (Kidd) Moore (1933-2007) having a son, the late Timothy Joseph (1947-2012).  Son Anthony Moore (1922-1997) served in the Army WWII and received the French Croix de Guerre “Cross of War”  Medal with Palm for Heroism from the French Government,  5 Bronze stars and a Purple Heart for his service.  Anthony married twice,  1st Angela M. Rocchio (1925-1977) then 2nd,  Jane  Stapleton in 1982 in Clermont County, Ohio.  After raising their blended family Anthony and Jane moved to central Florida in 1993 having children Robert, Bonnie Jean, Scott, and Deborah.  Son John Moore (1924-1995) married Glenna Sylvania( Wittkamp ) (1925-2014) having daughter Linda.   Son Louis Moore (1928-1928) died shortly after birth.  Son Frank (Mousie) Moore married Arlene( Garthaus) having children Nancy and Connie.   Son Donald Moore (1932-2020) married Rosemary (Schweppe) in 1959 after serving in the Marines during the Korean War.  They welcomed children Barb, Donnie, Carol, Paul, and Gary.  Don along with Rosemary supported our church for many years with Don dedicating many years of service to San Antonio Church.  Louis and Josephine’s daughter, Rosemary (Moore) married Ken Carrier on the July 4th weekend in 1952.  Their ceremony was the 2nd wedding of the day celebrated at San Antonio Church as the 1st was the JoAnn Augustine and Buddy LaRosa wedding.  They have one son Michael Carrier.   Rosemary and Ken relocated to Cumming, Georgia where they will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary in 2022.        

News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 13, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 13, 2022

by Terrie Evans

The next family to introduce to our San Antonio Church Community will be Sebastian (1888-1959) who came to America in 1909 and Rosa (Esposito) Gargano (1893-1924) who were married on March 15, 1914, in Hamilton County.  They resided at 2008 Queen City Avenue as their family grew, they welcomed Anthony who only lived for 2 days and died from a heart defect (1915-1915) Carmella (1916-2000), Pasquale (1917-1998), Thomas (1918-2004), Mary (1920-1986), Anthony Sando (1921-2005), and Rose Elizabeth (1923-2001).  Sebastian Gargano was present at the St. Anthony’s Welfare Center Dedication picture and is in the 3rd row next to Herman Di Stasi.  Sadly, Rosa (Esposito) Gargano passed away at the age of 31 leaving six young children, 3 staying with Sebastian and the younger ones placed in St. Joseph’s Orphanage.  Sebastian found steady work in the Sewer Department digging ditches to support his family and while at work, was hit by a truck in front of the Proctor & Gamble Company Plant on Spring Grove Avenue in 1929.   He survived the hit and run accident with deep cuts to his head and a possible skull fracture and was treated at General Hospital.  In 1935, Sebastian finally became a Naturalized Citizen while raising his children who were able to come back from St. Joseph’s Orphanage as young teens. 

The oldest daughter Carmella Gargano (1916-2000) wed William Galarde children:  Rose Angela, Janet. Michael and the late Thomas (1946-2004).  Pasquale “Pat” (1917-1998) left St. Joseph’s Orphanage at the age of 12 and at 17 joined the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC) a work program designed to supply jobs aid families during the Great Depression.  The program was available for single men from age 17 to 28 and provided them with shelter, clothing, food and $30 per month with $25 that had to be sent home to their family.  Pasquale would then serve in the U.S. Navy from 1938-1945 and upon his return, would meet his future wife on a visit to Bradford, Pennsylvania.   Almerinda Piazza, serving as a WAC during WWII would marry Pasquale Gargano in a Double Ring Ceremony on June 27, 1946, while he was a machine operator.  Years later they became owners of the Lackner Sign Company and welcomed son Richard “Dick”  Gargano.  Thomas Joseph Gargano (1918-2004) would also be released from St. Joseph Orphanage to serve in the Civil Conservation Corps working in West Virginia.   He would also join the U. S. Navy before his marriage to Mildred Irene (Wolford ) (1919-2005) and sign on for 21 more years until his retirement in 1957 as a Chief Warrant Officer.  Thomas was a World War II and Korean War Veteran serving on 5 War Ships and 2 Support Vessels.  When Thomas retired from the Navy, he went on to establish himself in a career in Engineering and Manufacturing Field.  Thomas and Mildred had one son Timothy “Tim” Gargano.  Daughter, Mary Gargano (1920-1986) married Jack Woodhouse and moved to Florida had children Benjamin, Donna and Steve.  Anthony Sando Gargano (1921-2005) served during World War II as a Gunner on a Navy Liberator search plane attached to the “ Blue Raiders”, a patrol bombing squadron.  Anthony was an Aviation Machinist’s Mate 3/c who went on to wed Mary Ellen Martin (1924-2021) who also served in the Army in World War II.  After the war, he established himself as a much sought out neighborhood Barber in South Fairmount for many years until he opened his new shop next to the Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant on Glenway Avenue in Price Hill.  Anthony and Mary’s family consisted of children, Anthony, Mary Rose, Pasquale “ Pat”, and Angeline.  The youngest daughter of Sebastian and Rosa was Rose Elizabeth Gargano (1923-2001) married Robert Lowe (1920-2002) on July 14, 1948, in Los Angeles, California while he was serving in World War II and Korea from 1947-1952.  Children Dennis, Thomas (T.C.), Phyliss and Bob.  They moved to the area around Dayton, Ohio and are buried there.

News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 6, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 6, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this 1st Sunday in February, San Antonio Church welcomes and salutes 3 more historical church families for a Mass and reception in our Hall.  Today we honor the LaCortiglia, Belfiore and Gorrasi family members as we recall their dedication to our church.  These families were connected to everyone from the “old neighborhood” and have provided a lot of good memories that are still shared among our parishioners today.  Luigi La Coritglia (pictured in St. Anthony Welfare Dedication picture)  with  sons Carmen, (on the military Honor Roll in our Hall) and Angelo settled at 1977 Harrison Avenue.   They had family close by, an uncle who was here at that time, Michael Scorziello and wife Barbara who resided at 1907 Biegler Street.   Carmen would meet and marry a young woman from Italy. Anna Belfiore who was living at 1998 Queen City Avenue with widow Josephine (Palmieri) Panaro and young couple,  George and Rosie (Cupito) Young.    After serving during World War II Carmen would become the neighborhood Barber and welcome daughter Angela and sons Pasquale and Sylvester.  They were present at all events with Anna volunteering at the Bingo Booth for many of the festivals held in our church lot.  When Carmen and Anna welcomed grandchildren, the Baptisms were held at San Antonio Church.  Carmen’s brother, Angelo also married a girl from the area, Mary Margaret Mazzaro from the Antonio Mazzaro family who lived at 1695 Montrose Street and their children, Mary Angela, Patricia, and Louis. 

The Belfiore’s, Joseph, Teresa, Anna, and Lina came to Cincinnati in the 1950’s and were welcomed by his sister, Anna (Belfiore) La Cortiglia, to South Fairmount and San Antonio Church.  They would locate to an apartment at the corner of Harrison and Fairmount Avenues near their Aunt Anna and Uncle Carmen and the new family to our community became members of our church.  Aunt Anna and Uncle Carmen helped their niece,  Anna enroll at St. Bonnies School and were there for their youngest Lina.  The Belfiore family looked forward to Saturday nights at the LaCortiglia’s home above the Barber Shop for a delicious meal and spending time with their cousins.  After dinner, the men would play a game of Italian cards on a specially built round table that included Papa Luigi, Carmen, Angelo, Joseph Belfiore and Salvatore Petrillo, the new owner of Scalea’s Grocery.  The Belfiore’s had their first memories in their new homeland around the families of South Fairmount and the little Italian Church that they would support for many years.  They would welcome their son Astride (Reese) open a business and move to a new house and years later, son-in-law Dolphus” Boyd”  (1948-2021) and Anna (Belfiore) Davis would become parishioners with sons, the late Doug and Jeff.

The 3rd family we honor this Sunday is Joseph and Carmella Gorrasi family who settled at 1845 Westwood Avenue with children, Grace, George Ralph, Frank Anthony, Carl Charles, Donald, and David.  The Gorrasi family also had 3 uncles who were also parishioners, James who resided at 1897 Montrose Street , Leo who lived at 2800 Queen City Avenue and Emilio who resided at the Gorrasi household on Westwood Avenue.  The Gorrasi family is also related to the D’Angelo Family through Carmella Aurichio Gorrai’s mother whose maiden name was D’Angelo.  All the Gorrasi men were part of the Men’s Society, the Contadini Society and were present at many April Men’s Nights over the years.  We welcome the descendants of the Gorrasi siblings who are no longer with us and those two surviving siblings,  the oldest Grace Gorrasi Manz King and the youngest, David Gorrasi.

News from San Antonio Church – Jan. 30, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin January 30, 2022

by Terrie Evans

During the month of February, San Antonio Church will introduce the next group of families to be honored on March 6th.  On this Sunday we will highlight the Esposito and Metz Families who have served our church for many years.  Nobile Esposito was born in 1883 to Maria Casella (1851-1927) and Gaetano Esposito (1849-1927).  Nobile’s older brother, Pasquale ”Charles” Esposito (1881-1938) settled in Pennsylvania and sister, Rosa (Esposito) 1893-1924 married Sebastian Gargano(1887-1959).  Nobile Esposito (1883-1968) married Maddalena (Camarotta)  on December 22, 1906, in Felitto, Italy, came to America in 1907 and settled at 1994 Queen City Avenue. Their family: Daughter, Rose (Esposito) (1913-2004) married Archie Campbell (1934-2005) in 1953.  Nobile and Maddalena welcomed son Thomas Esposito (1915-1991) and youngest son, Anthony Vito Esposito (1923-2014) who fell in love with a girl from across the street, Rosemary (Metz) (1927-2018).  They became engaged when he was a Petty Officer at the time serving with the Pacific Fleet and were married on July 19, 1947, with Rosemary’s parents, Frank  (1893-1965) and Mary (Heredman) Metz (1893-1970) along with sisters, Mary Jane (Metz) Shaw, JoAnn Metz, and Carol (Metz) Haas in attendance.  Anthony and Rosemary Espsosito welcomed three children Anthony Jr., Daniel, and Barbara while he supports his family as a Special Investigator Inspector with the U.S, Postal Service. 

Nobile and Maddalena Espsoito were members of San Antonio Church in the early years of our church and after retiring from the Highway Dept. became more active as a member of the Contadini Society, while Maddalena was involved with the church and the St. Ann’s Ladies Sodality.  Their son Anthony along with wife Rosemary were valued members of our church who devoted many years with the San Antonio Choir and as Co- chairs for the San Antonio Church 50th Anniversary, along with Donald Moore and Janet Schare.  Rosemary (Metz) Esposito’s mother, Mary( Herdemann) Metz was at one time President of the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality.  Her daughter Rosemary and son-in-law Anthony sang in the choir while granddaughter Barbara (Esposito) Ilacqua played the organ for 8 years at every weekend Mass, special church event, and also Choir Director.  Barbara served faithfully while attending school until her marriage to Martin Ilacqua that was held at San Antonio Church in 1973.  She later moved to Washington, D. C. 

The Esposito and Metz Families always supported and fought for our church during the uncertain times of the 1980’s.  Mary Jane (Metz) Shaw  (1922-2017) moved back to Cincinnati with husband Angus “Pug” Shaw (1911-1986) an Army Veteran who onetime played baseball for the Philadelphia Athletics.  After they moved from Washington, D.C.  Mary Jane became a Sacristan who distributed Communion to the home bound sick from our church with hubby “Pug” Shaw was always helping in the Hall and setting up the altars Christmas display.  The youngest Metz sister, Jo Ann spent many years of her life for the good of our church.  She was a member of San Antonio in her youth and when her family Peter, Andrew, and Jean were on their own she rallied our Parishioner in a hard-fought campaign to keep our church open.  She worked with the City of Cincinnati on the changes needed for the Lick Run Project while hoping the area would have a complete turnaround up until the time of her death on February 14, 2021.  During the reorganization of churches in the 1980’s Jo Ann did whatever it took along with Joe Cupito, Jim Schuleter, and those 1st generation of American-Italians who are no longer with us.  The Esposito and Metz family had many warriors who fought long and hard for the future of San Antonio Church.  Please say a prayer of thanks in their honor and memory because – without them we would never be celebrating our 100th