News from San Antonio Church – April 17, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin April 17, 2022

by Terrie Evans

By Terrie Evans

Buona Pasqua! We welcome everyone to San Antonio Church on this Easter Sunday as we continue our celebration in this Anniversary year of our 100th milestone celebration.  Today we recall the large Carota Family who have been members of our little mission church since the early days.  Agostino Carota (1885-1973) was born in Felitto, Italy and was married to Antonia Minella (1884-1958) in Felitto on December 13, 1908.  It seems that Agostino came to America first, sending for his wife Antonia in 1910.  She sailed from Naples on the ship “Duca di Genova” with $20.00, given to her by her father and arrived in New York on the July 4th weekend in 1910.  When they settled in Cincinnati; 6 sons and 3 daughters were born.  Their children:  Henry Carota (1912-1997), Julius “Jule” Carota (1913-1966), Anthony “Mish” Carota (1914-2002), Alfred Raphael Carota (1916-1959), Frederick “Reke” Carota (1918-1999), Anne Carota (1920-1987), Helen Carota Arnold (1923-2021), Carmen Carota (1924-1924), and Joseph Carota (1925-2007).  They established their homestead on Tillie Avenue when Agostino supported his family by working for C G & E, a job he held until retirement.  Agostino and Rosaria were active in all church events, he was a member of the Contindina Society, Rosaria a member of the St. Ann’s Ladies Society and they both were active in the Felitto Club.  They were also very proud of their 6 sons who all served in various branches of service all over the world during World War II and daughter Helen (Carota) Arnold’s husband Ensign Frank Arnold who served with the Merchant Marine.

Henry Carota (1912-1997) wed Ruby Marie (Stansberry) (1909-1993) and they resided at 6804 Vine Street when he came home from serving as a Staff Sgt.  in the Army stationed in India. 

Julius (Jule) Carota Sr. (1913-1966) married to Virginia “Virgie” White while living at 2189 High Street when he left for service as a Seaman 2nd Class in the Navy stationed in New Guinea.  On his return, Jule and Virgie moved to 3711 Queen City Avenue and then to 636 Fairbanks Avenue and welcomed 6 children:  Carol, Jeanette, Linda, Judy, Julius Jr., and Charva.  On February 9, 1966, Julius Sr. was killed in a tragic car accident at 1940 Grand Avenue after he struck a utility pole. 

Anthony “Mish” Carota (1914-2002) was married to Margaret Carota while serving with the Engineers as a Tech Sgt. In the Army while stationed in the Philippines.  In 1964,” Mish” wed Jean (Faulkner) Carota (1933-2015) children:  Debbie and Douglas. 

Alfred Raphael Carota (1916-1959) wed Corrine (Cook) Carota (1916-2006) and resided at 824 Findlay Street before being sent overseas in the Army in 1943 and was wounded on March 12, 1945, in Germany and recovered at a Hospital in England.  They moved to 2524 Ring Place and welcomed Susan, Cassey, Paulette (1948-2010) and son Alfred J. Carota (1941-2001) who served as a Sgt. In the Marines in Viet Nam.  Alfred and Corrine had just bought their home on Ring Place a few years before he was killed in 1959 while working as a Rigging Foreman for CG&E.  He was only 44 years old. 

Frederick “Reke” Carota (1918-1999) married Charlotte Gibson (1917-2001) and was living at 2423 Symmes Street; he was stationed in Holland during his service with the Army as a field Artillery man.  They welcomed children:  Joan, Fred, Henry, Joseph, and Edward.

 Daughter Anne Carota (1920-1987) remained single and became a much beloved Aunt to her siblings’ children.  

Daughter Helen (Carota) Arnold (1923-2021) wed Frank Arnold (1922-1983) just before he left for the Merchant Marine during World War II.  They welcomed daughter Toni Ann and son Hank and were generous San Antonio supporters as members of the Felitto Club.  They travelled to Italy many times along with many of their friends from church; especially Kate Minella and Vince Cerchio Sr. and his wife Helen (Florimonte).

 Daughter baby Carmen who was born in 1924 and sadly lived for only 4 days, passing away on May 20, 1924.  The youngest, Joseph Carota (1925-2007) enlisted in the the Navy at age 18 and completed training at Gunnery School at Great Lakes, Illinois before being stationed as an armed guard serving on a tanker in the Atlantic.  Joseph wed Eunice Black (1926-2017) on May 24, 1946, in Barnsburg, Ohio living at 2168 Tillie Avenue and were married for 61 years.  Joseph worked for GATX Railroad and as a park Ranger at Miami Whitewater Park.  Joe and Eunice welcomed children:  Natalie (Carota) “Boo” Bierman (1953-2005), Nancy Jo (Carota) Haynes (1947-2014) and Jeff Carota.

When Patriarch, Agostino (August) Carota (1885-1973) passed away at 87 years old, he left 22 Grandchildren and 27 Great Grandchildren to carry on the legacy of the Carota family with many friends who were all members of the Italian Societies.


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