News from San Antonio Church – August 29, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin August 29, 2021

by Terrie Evans

Our next celebration on Sunday, September 5th  will be in honor  of early San Antonio Families.  On this Sunday, we introduce  the last D’Agostino (Augustine) family, sister of Rosario (1872-1954) and Antonio (1885-1926), Angela (D’Agostino) Roberto (1878-1952).  Married to Francesco Roberto (1880-1961) in Felitto, Italy, they settled in the Upper Lick Run area of South Fairmount at 2208 Champlain Street and welcomed:  Angela (Roberto) Gramaglia (1906-1984), Joseph Roberto (1908-1992), Mathilda (Roberto) Picadio, Margaret Roberto Bruser  (1914-1998), Antoinette (Roberto) Martin (1914-2007), Louise Francis (Roberto) Berning (1917-1991), and Mary Ann (Roberto) Clift (1921-2003). 

The next Minella Family to recall are the siblings born from the marriage of Vito and Maria (Carricola) Minella.  They were  Mathilda Rosa (Minella) Schiavo (1871-1938) and Sabato Minella (1875-1956).   Mathilda Minella(1871-1938)  born in Felitto, Italy and wed to Nobile Schiavo (1868-1947) before  settling at 1937 Queen City Avenue in the Lower Lick Run area of South Fairmount.  They welcomed 6 children:  Maria Rosaria (Schiavo) Gnazzo (1893-1965), Virginia (Schiavo) Prinzo (1899-1978), Giovanna “Joanna” (Schiavo) Feldkamp (1901-1967), Antoinette “Jean” (Schiavo) Neighbors (1907-1978), Bridget “Patricia” (Schiavo) Swan Bowler (1909-1998), and Vito Frank “Samuel” Schare (1912-1969). 

Another Minella Sibling born of the union of Vito and Maria Minella was Sabato “Sam” Minella (1875-1956) who wed Philomena Sciarti (1884-1950) in Italy.   After his arrival in Cincinnati, Sabato “Sam” Minella founded the Societa Di Contandini  in 1907 to help new arrivals from Italy become citizens.  He retired from Lunkenheimers after 40 hard years.  They welcomed 11 children:  Vito Raffaele Minella (1902-1972), Minot Carmen Minella (1903-1999), Raffaele Joseph Minella (1906-1993), Eutimio Minella (1908-1911), Maria Cecilia (Minella) Kelsch (1910-1995), Alfred Emil Minella (1913-1970), Ruth Ethel (Minella) Jones (1915-1991), Ramon Minella (1918-1949), Florence “Pud” (Minella) Johnson (1921-2015), Esther Dorothy Minella (1923-2008), and  Rosa Antonetta Minella (1926-1926). 

The last two daughters  of Vito and Maria Minella were Theresa (Minella) Guerrera (1864-1955) and Antoinette (Minella) Schiavo ((1864-1948).  Theresa married Giuseppe Guerrera and settled in the Lower Lick Run Section of South Fairmount at 1938 Queen City Avenue with  sons, Carmine and Emil Rosario Guerrera.  Theresa’s sister, Antoinette Minella (1864-1948) married Pasquale Schavio (1861-1946) in Italy and settled at 1990 Queen City Avenue.  The other early parish  families are Great Aunts to Vince Cerchio,  sisters Antonia Minella  (1884-1958) who came to the U.S. in 1910 on the ship Duca Di Genove  and married Augustus Carota (1886-1973).  They  lived at 2168 Tillie Avenue and welcomed Alfred, Anne, Anthony, Carmen, Fred, Julius, Helen, and Joe Carota.  Her younger sister,  Elena Minella (1891-1970)  came to the U.S. on December 16, 1920 to marry Joseph Di Stasi on April 9, 1921.  Joseph died on December 22, 1929. Antonio and Elena’s parents were Angelo and Louisa (Guerrera) Minella who stayed in Felitto, Italy.  Vince’s Grandmother on his mother Helen’s side was also a Minella.  Rosaria Minella (1900-1971) who  wed Joseph Florimonte (1900-1942) and welcomed  siblings Michael, Angelo, Anthony, Joseph, Louise, Helen Cerchio, Antoinette Odenbach, and Anna Sprecker.    

You can also look forward to the future stories of another group of Minellas, sisters who made South Fairmount their home: Rosaria Minella Florimonte, Elena Minella Di Stasi, and Antonia Minella Carota.

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