News from San Antonio Church – July 19, 2020

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Weekly Bulletin

by Terrie Evans

           We have been looking to the future and a more normal schedule so we may plan many of the events  missed during  our months away.   Our Masses and scheduled receptions have been an important part of our history and we are thankful to meet again for our 9:00 AM Sunday Mass.  We have missed seeing many of our elderly  church goers as many  trace their beginnings to their grandparents nearby homesteads; having fond memories of Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals taking place in the past and present buildings of San Antonio.  We remember all those special dates from  family births to those loved ones  we lost over the last 98 years and of the lives of those lost during  this time away.  We were never able to give a proper goodbye to Don Moore (March 18, 2020 )and Marlene Steers (May 14, 2020).  They spent many years of their lives at San Antonio were truly loved and dedicated to our church.  Hopefully; when we are permitted we can plan dates for a memorial service for them with their family members in attendance.  They were longtime parishioners whose lives centered around the success of the church and the annual  events that were planned to promote San Antonio. 

We also missed hosting the La Societa Fuscaldese Femminille and their families to honor their patron saint, San Francesco di Paola on his feast day with their yearly Mass and Breakfast.  Every year in July, their group attends San Antonio to honor the saint with a “ pilgrimage “ as they did in their close knit Italian towns around Paola where the Saint originated.  We have tentatively hoped to plan an event in September for their group to celebrate his feast.   

The Rosary and Communion Service have also been put on hold for the time being as many have opted to wait until things change.  During this time, many will listen to Sacred Heart Radio to keep up with Catholic news.  There is also the Family Rosary Across America daily at 7:00 PM CT (8:00 PM our time).  It is the only live and interactive worldwide family rosary on the air.  You can listen and watch at and on the free mobile app. They also have a daily Mass at 12:00 CT (1:00 PM our time).  With God and prayers, all things are possible!

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