News from San Antonio Church – July 31, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin July 31, 2022

by Terrie Evans

In 1922, when San Antonio Church was established, the population of Cincinnati was 401,247 in a city that rests along 22 miles of riverfront on the banks of the Ohio River extending from the East Side, California (East of Lunken Field); to Saylor Park on the West Side.  Cincinnati was settled in 1788, located at a junction of the North, South, East and West and incorporated as a city in 1819.  The Diocese of Cincinnati was established on June 19, 1821 and at that time, included several thousand Native American Catholics along with European Settlers and the entire state of Ohio as well as the Michigan Territory.  By 1850, many Irish and German immigrants came to Cincinnati for work that eventually relieved the massive labor shortage.  This is when the city became known as the Queen City.  In 1859, Cincinnati laid out 6 Streetcar lines pulled by horses and by 1889 the Streetcar system began converting to Electric Streetcars.  When our ancestors settled in South Fairmount, they learned that Cincinnati was known as the “City of 7 Hills”, said to resemble ancient Rome also built on 7 Hills.  The Seven Hills that form a Crescent shape around the city are:  Mt. Adams, Walnut Hills, Mt. Auburn, Vine Street Hill, College Hill, Fairmount, and Mt. Harrison now Price Hill.  

Many families soon learned their new home country was also a city of many firsts.  The Cincinnati Fire Department was the first paid professional Fire Department in the United States and Cincinnati was also the first city to establish a Weather Bureau.  Cincinnati is home to the Oldest Public Observatory and the first Ambulance Service.  The residents in 1922 witnessed the Cincinnati Subway breaking ground for the $6 million job that was never completed.  The Cincinnati Opera was established along with the founding of the Le Blond Aircraft Engine Corporation in Norwood.  Newspapers printed in 1922:  The Catholic Telegraph founded in 1831, the 1st Diocesan Newspaper and 2nd oldest in the United States; The Cincinnati Enquirer established in 1841, Cincinnati Daily Times (1843-1948), Cincinnati Times Star (1883-1958), Cincinnati Weekly Times (1883-1986), and Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (1896-1958). 

In 1922, our country had many firsts when the United States was only 146 years old; insulin was used for the first time to treat diabetes in humans.  The United States commissioned its 1st Aircraft Carrier, and a Trade Agreement between Italy and Russia was established.  The Government of Italy resigns with Benito Mussolini forming his own Government and making himself Premier.  The 19th Amendment (Women’s Right to Vote) is upheld by the Supreme Court and the Lincoln Memorial is dedicated.  The 29th President of the United States, President Warren G. Harding (1865-1923) was the 1st President to use the Radio while in the White House and in England, the BBC began broadcasting news.  On July 1, 1922 – August 1922, the Nationwide Great Railroad Strike also known as the Railway Shopman’s Strike started when workers walked off the job due a cut in wages.  The 400,000 railway workers including 100,000 in Chicago alone left their jobs over a 12% pay cut (7 cents).     

By 1922, there were numerous Churches, Convents, Academy’s, Hospitals, Monastery’s, Orphanages, Schools and Homes for the Aged serving the Catholic Community within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.   At that time, a Belgian-born American Catholic Priest, Emmanuel Thienpont became a pioneer of Parish Organization for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  The many established Religious Communities within the Archdiocese owe their presence to a prominent Catholic Convert, Sarah Worthington King Peter who relocated many Sisters from Europe to Cincinnati.  The year 1922 was a milestone year for many of our family members with the founding of our church.  As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary on August 7, 2022, we can now add San Antonio Church to the list of historical events.

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