News from San Antonio Church – June 5, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 5, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we welcome the members of the Sabatelli family and the generations of those   long-ago settlers to Little Italy who are still active parishioners of San Antonio Church.  Phillip Sabatelli arrived in America in 1913 and after coming to Cincinnati worked as a water boy for the construction crews paving the streets of South Fairmount.   Phillip and Mary (Salerno) Sabatelli lived next door to our church from 1943-1950 and were present at the festivals, the annual Marian processions and other historical events held during those years.  In 1998, we welcomed back their son Phillip Jr. and late wife, Judy (Bone) Sabatelli.   The other Sabatelli family members who are active at San Antonio Church are Earl and Rose (Sabatelli) Einhaus, Dave and Sandy Sabatelli, and Larry and Eileen (Sabatelli) Vickery.  After joining our church, they have shared many memories from the neighborhood while volunteering to work for the good of San Antonio Church.  Our church community thanks all of you on this special day for your family.

We also welcome the Dalessandro Family today who share cousins within the Panaro, Grieco, Guerrera, and Marckesano, families.  They have a very long and rich history with the church and the neighborhood of South Fairmount.  The late Tim and Anne Dalessandro attended all Men’s and Ladies Club meetings and were valued members and volunteers until their passing.  Tim’s brother Ron, and wife Connie (Mazzei) Dalessandro have given many volunteer hours for bake sales, Pizza Party Fundraisers and the Annual Spaghetti Dinner and have also been Officers of the Men’s and Ladies Club in the past.  Our parishioners thank them for bringing Connie’s sister Janet (Mazzei), hubby Jim Reiff, and their daughter Gabrielle who after becoming parishioners have been active in the Men’s and Ladies Club and are always there when other jobs are needed to be done.  Jim has many talents and has handled carpentry work and many fixes it repairs needed in our Hall.  The Dalessandro family dates to the start of our church and we are grateful to still have them as members.  

The Guerrera Family has always had a presence at San Antonio Church with ties to many of our parishioners such as the Panaro, Grieco, Robinson and Stevens Families.  Many members of their family were always willing to be of service to our church from the day San Antonio Church was dedicated in 1922.  Miss Virginia (Guerrera) Stevens (1910-1970) mother of Mary Lou (Stevens) Russo, along with Antoinette and Brigida Schiavo performed in a play, “The Princess Who Hid Her Shoes” for the formal dedication of San Antonio Church on August 6, 1922.   Sr. Blandina Segale, Servant of God assisted them to sew their costumes and guide them on this big day.   The 1st generation of Italian Americans born in the United States were now receiving the sacraments in their newly established church.  Ruth (Guerrera) Kallmeyer (1919-2001) along with other neighborhood children posed for the 1927 Confirmation class picture with our Pastor, Fr. Vincent Graglia.   Patriarch, Giuseppe “Joseph “Guerrera (1885-1953) would serve San Antonio Church as a Lay Advisor from 1928-1931 for many years continued to guide the next Committee’s from the parish.  At present, Jo Ann (Berning) Lyons, daughter of Annie (Guerrera) (1915-2007) and the late Melvin Berning has become a regular part of the kitchen crew for Lunch on the House and a volunteer for special events.   

On this Sunday, we also recall the contributions the D’Angelo family has made to San Antonio Church.  Theresa (Mueller-Wilhelm) D’Angelo, grandmother of our parishioner Donna (D’Angelo) Smith was highlighted in the Sant Antonio Italian Church 10th Anniversary program in 1932 as an Officer with the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality.  The other ladies serving our church during those years were Mrs. Paul Wilke and Mrs. Vincent DeLuca under the direction of Fr. Dennis Engelhard, O.F.M.                                                                             

Our church has been blessed with many talented Organists since the start of the choir in 1934.  The Joseph and Pauline Ebertz along with daughters Rosemary and Marjorie   volunteered in our early years with Citizenship Classes and in 1934 helped with the formation of the San Antonio Choir.  Miss Rosemary Ebertz became the Musical Director for the newly formed Choir and would play at mass along with her younger sister, Marjorie Carolyn (Ebertz) Adams.  Rosemary became Sister Mary Joeline, R.S.M. with the Sisters of Mercy for 66 years at the time of her passing on July 15, 2005, at the McAuley Convent.  Her younger sister, Marjorie Ebertz would attend Mother of Mercy Academy, Our Lady of Cincinnati / Edgecliff College, and the Sacred Heart College of Music in New York City.  Marjorie wed Army Capt. James Adams in 1946 and their family would consist of Joeline (Adams) Lecture who at one time played at San Antonio Church, Jane (Adams) Pomeroy, and Marilyn Ebertz.  We will never forget the how much the Ebertz family from Holy Family Parish did for all our families during those early years when San Antonio was just established.

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