News from San Antonio Church – May 8, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 8, 2022

by Terrie Evans

By Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day!  During the month of May, we will recall more early San Antonio Church families.  Today we introduce the Sabatelli family and in the next few Sundays,  we will highlight the Dalessandro, Guerrera and D’ Angelo Families to be celebrated on Sunday, June 5th.    We will also list the many talented Organists who have served San Antonio Church.    

The 1st group is the Pietro Giorgio (1838-1925) and Raffaella (Prinzo) Sabatelli (1868-1937) family with seven sons and one daughter, were born in Felitto, Italy and have ties to the Prinzo, Di Stasi, and Riviello Families.   1st Son, Carlo Giuseppe Sabatelli (1892-1924).  2nd Son, Giuseppe “Joseph” Carlo Sabatelli (1894-1981) came to America, lived in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, and settled in Cincinnati with his family.  3rd Son, Filippo ”Phillip” Sabatelli (1897-1967) also journeyed to Old Forge, Pennsylvania and then he too went to Cincinnati with his wife and children.  4th Son, Gaetano Rosario Sabatelli (1899-1964) settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is buried there.  5th Son, Rosario Sabatelli  (1902-1989), 6th Son, Pasquale Sabatelli (1905-1982), 7th Son, Eugenio Sabatelli (1908-1909) died in Felitto, Italy and finally youngest, daughter, Sylvia Sabatelli. 

The Siblings who journeyed to America and later settled in Cincinnati were Giuseppe “ Joseph” (1894-1981) and Filippo “Phillip”  (1897-1967) Sabatelli.  Giuseppe “Joseph” left Italy in 1909 with a cousin, Maria Grazia (Prinzo) (1887-1970) and her husband Rosario Di Stasi (1877-1969).  When they arrived at Ellis Island, Joseph was detained for 3 days due to a case of pink eye and luckily recovered, as Joseph could have been sent back to Italy.  They traveled first to Cincinnati as there were Prinzo and Di Stasi relatives to welcome them.  During the First World War years, they settled in Cleveland’s, Mayfield Village for work in the munitions factory.  The Di Stasi’s then decided on moving to Cincinnati and the Sabadelli’s located in Old Forge. 

Giuseppe “Joseph” Carlo Sabatelli married Giovanna “Jennie” Lucy Pagnotti (1901-1973) having sons, William Peter Sabatelli (1922-1973) and Leroy Carl Sabatelli (1925-2021) and daughter, Priscilla, still living.  From Old Forge, they moved to Bethel, New York next to Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm (Woodstock).  In 1945,  William wed Rose Trotta when he was in the Navy, and she was employed as a factory worker.  Leroy served in the Army as a radio operator on the C45 and C46 planes and in 1948 became a licensed pilot.  Leroy wed Virginia (Heyob) and they had a son Mark and daughter Toni.  After moving to Cincinnati, Joseph, Will and Leroy owned the Sunset Inn in Harrison, Ohio around 1947 with Leroy as the fry cook, William running the service station and his dad Joe in charge of the Inn.  

Brother, Filippo “Phillip”  Sabatelli (1897-1967) worked as a laborer in a Hydroelectric Plant in Felitto, Italy to pay for his passage to America.  He was 16 when he arrived in New York on October 2, 1913.  Filippo “Phillip” Sabatelli  wed Mary Salerno (1899-1977)  on April 27, 1919 and the couple  settled in Old Forge, Pennsylvania when he was employed as a coal miner.  Their first child, a daughter, Rafaella, lived a few weeks, and died in April 1920.  He became a naturalized citizen on June 13, 1921, a month after his son Peter David Sabatelli (1921-1977) was born.  Peter David joined the Air Force in 1942 wed Rita (Neumann) (1923-2007) in 1944 who lived on Selim Avenue and attended St. Bonaventure Church.  After the war, Peter David Sabatelli worked as a pattern maker for the Lunkenheimer Valve Company to support his family consisting of David Albert, Eileen, Rosemary, Barbara, and Vincent (1957-2013).  David Albert Sabatelli, now President of the Men’s and Women’s Club at San Antonio Church as well as a volunteer with his wife Sandy.  He is retired from his career as an Engineer at Proctor and Gamble, and they have three daughters, Angie, Kris, and Jen.  Sibling, Eileen (Sabatelli)  wed Larry Vickery and have a daughter Ann and son Anthony.  After Eileen and Larry joined our church , they became active volunteers at all San Antonio Church functions.  Sibling, Rosemary (Sabatelli) wed Earl Einhaus with daughter Charity and son, the late David Einhaus (1978-2021).  Rose and Earl support our church, volunteer every Sunday after Mass, and work all the Lunch on the House Tuesday’s.  Sibling, Barbara (Sabatelli) wed Rick Huber and is still living.  Filippo “Phillip” and Mary Sabatelli’s daughter, Antoinette Sabatelli (1926-1974) born in Old Forge worked at the Lunkenheimer Valve Company before her marriage to Edward Lanser at San Antonio Church and welcoming children Lora (Lanser) Schwallie, Claire (Lanser) Rosenbaum.  Josephine C. Sabatelli (1929-2009) was employed at Lunkenheimer Valve Company and   at the Jobs Corps as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.  Teresa Sabatelli (1933-1935) was 2 when she died of Whooping Cough and is buried in Old Forge. Phillip Sabatelli Jr. born in 1937 located to Cincinnati and grew up next to San Antonio Church at houses owned by his parents, Filippo, and Mary Sabatelli, at 1956 and 1958 Queen City Avenue.   Phillip Jr. married Judy Bone (1938-2015) in 1959 and welcomed Lisa in 1960, Terry in 1963 and Steven in 1968.  He is now retired from a career at DuBois Chemical as a Chemist, Research Director, and as a Senior Vice President of Marketing for 43 years.  Phillip Jr. and Judy came back to the neighborhood and San Antonio Church in 1998 to reconnect with his 2nd cousin, John Fariello, and other friends from his youth.  Phil and Judy worked very hard to support our church by volunteering at all fundraisers, Lunch on the House Tuesdays, and events .  Phil has served on Parish Council, as Treasurer of the Men’s and Ladies Club and as an Usher at our 9:00 AM Sunday Mass.   


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