News from San Antonio Church – November 8, 2020

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Weekly Bulletin November 8, 2020

by Terrie Evans

Our Church Community would like to thank everyone who bought Spaghetti Dinner tickets for our 84th Annual Dinner.  We were able to work with all the new rules and in the end have another successful year for our annual dinner.  We appreciate Harry Panaro being available in the Hall every Sunday to promote the new  2020 place mat and  in a few weeks, sell  all  72 spots.  It was great to have so many families and area businesses help by promoting our dinner.  Our parishioners and local businesses bought spaces on the mat that was used for our diners in the Hall  and also put into the takeout orders.  The planning for the dinner  became quite a challenge for the many volunteers who were aware of all the concerns for our guests. 

This year we introduced  reservations for our dine in customers  who enjoy our traditional Italian Spaghetti dinner served in our Hall.   We then  established  a drive thru ordering tent on Queen City Avenue and pick up tent on White Street for those who were not sure about entering our Hall.  New this  year for out take out customers was the 5 pack with enough spaghetti, meatballs, salad and dessert  for a family  group with plenty for all to enjoy the next day.  We also had a lot of orders for extras  like sauce, meatballs and our delicious  Italian sausage that really  helped our sales. 

Through all these new rules, San Antonio Church had a home run again for the dinner and we cannot thank enough  all the dedicated workers who gave up their week to organize, cook and get the orders out on time.  We thank all those who manned the stove, those who packed the orders and those who handled the drive thru orders and supplied the desserts to complete the meal.  Everyone showed up for their shifts and we appreciate those ladies and gentlemen who staffed the tents  in not the best weather for the drive up tickets and chances for split the pot. 

This year we had many  grandchildren, the 3rd and 4th Generations of our Parishioners and many teens from all the schools on the West Side who were much needed to be the runners for all the drive thru orders.  It has been a tradition and pleasure for all of us to serve  San Antonio Church as our Grandparents and Parents did  since 1922.  Even though they are no longer with us, they would be very pleased  to know we have continued on with the work they started 98 years ago.   All the  volunteers at San Antonio  wear many hats with no job descriptions but, they all  do whatever needs to be done to  keep our church going.  Benedict and Grazie! 

Next week, San Antonio Church will welcome  the Scarlato Family for the Baptism of Hudson Lee Buck after Mass.

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