News from San Antonio Church – Oct. 24, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin October 24, 2021

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday, we introduce another San Antonio founding  family, Dominico  “Dominick”  Acito (1863-1934)  wife Carmella (Bova) Acito  (1876-1910) and their children.  Dominic and Carmella married in Italy and welcomed 6 siblings:  Ralph, Michael, Agnes May, Marian, Tony and Josephine.  Their first two sons, Ralph (1895-1922) and Michael (1900—1969)  were born in  Roccadaspide  before coming here in 1903.  Sadly, baby Josephine died on July 27, 1910 three months after the death of her 34 year old mother, Carmella on April 7, 1910.  At that time Ralph was 15, Michael was 10, Agnes May was 6, Marion was 5, Tony was 3.  After  mourning his late wife, Dominic knew he needed a mother for his children  while working as a laborer in the hair factory.  There was news of a widow, Carmella DeRosa Simmonie (1882-1951) living in Italy with an infant, Joseph (1910-1997).  The Ferroni  family residing on the east side of Cincinnati knew of  Carmella De Rosa Simmonie circumstances so,  the Machade (match was made) and a date was set for Carmella and baby Joseph’s journey to America.  Their marriage  took place on November 16, 1913 and from this union  Frank, Peter, Daniel, and Anne Mary were born with her son Joseph now welcomed as an Acito .

Ralph Acito (1895-1922) died in an accident in Kentucky before he was 30.  Brother Michael Acito married Lila Douglas (1907-1994) and  resided in South Fairmount at 2180 Selim Avenue.  Daughters Agnes May Acito (1904-1991) married Robert Emmett Lysaght (1906-1970) on November 29, 1928 at Holy Cross Church, moved to College Hill with sons Gerald and Robert (1929-2017) and Marion (Acito) Hadley (1905-1955) married and relocated to New York before returning to Cincinnati.  Youngest son, Tony Acito (1907-1974)  was a chef living in Los Angeles.  Joseph (1910-1997) with spouse Mary moved to  Homestead, Florida.  Frank Acito (1914-2005) Elder Class of 1932, groomsman in the wedding of Carmella Smeraldo to Carmen Bonaventure in 1936, was a CYO Boxing Star and Cincinnati Police Officer married  Martha Kenton (1915-1986).  Peter Paul Acito (1916-1993) Elder Class of 1935, married Carolyn Ventre (1922-2009) at San Antonio Church on October 23, 1943  while working as a printer for the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The entire Peter Acito family volunteered and were members of the choir for many years.  Daughter Pam Acito and  Arthur (Jack) Baker married at  San Antonio Church on July 15, 1967 their children are Michael, Jeffrey, and Timothy. 

Popular Elder Teacher from the Class of 1963, Joseph Acito  (1945-2011) married Mary Francis (Schulter) – children Anthony, Gina Marie, and Anne.   Also a part of the Acito family through marriage, 1962 Elder Alum James Schulter brother of Mary Francis (Schulter) Acito his wife Sandy (1943-2016) and their son Lou, 1992 Elder Alum.  Pete and Caroline’s youngest daughter, Barbara Ann Acito (1953-1977) married Thomas Bohrer (1952-1977), Elder Class of 1970, at San Antonio Church on May, 10, 1975 and welcomed son, David Thomas Bohrer Baker.   The last of  Pete and Caroline’s siblings, Don Acito, Elder Class of 1976, wed Pam Weber – children, Maria, Dominic, and Perin. 

The youngest son born to Dominick and Carmella was, 1936 Elder Alum, Daniel  Acito (1918-2001) and spouse Bette Arnold who wed at San Antonio Church on September 3, 1955 – sons Marc, Brian and daughter Dorian.  Dan was a celebrated muralist and with partner Jerry Ventre designed the new sanctuary for San Antonio Church in 1951.  Dan’s sister, Anne Acito (1921-1996) married Herman DiStasi (1919-1986) at San Antonio Church on April 30, 1946 after Herman returned from serving 4 years in the Pacific during WWII.   Herman was with the Cincinnati Police while Anne was working as a stenographer when they  resided at 1975 Harrison Ave; their family consisted of Mary Jo, Richard, Donna, Danise, Mark and Dino of Gabby’s Café.    

Another San Antonio parish family with ties to the Acito’s is  Fred, a 1956 Elder Alum and Dixie Brandewiede.  Fred became a parishioner as a friend of Joe Acito, Jack Baker and Jim Schulter.  Dixie (Klemme) (1940-2021) and Fred  attended and supported our church for over 35 years and are now part of the history of San Antonio Church.  Dixie and Fred’s family consists of sons Mark, Matt and daughter Melissa.  The Acito, Brandewiede, and  Schulter Families have been with us through all the tough years of the 1980’s and will continue to work for and promote the  future of San Antonio Italian Church.  

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