News from San Antonio Church – December 6, 2020

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Weekly Bulletin December 6, 2020

by Terrie Evans

The theme for this 2nd Sunday of Advent is Peace as we are getting closer to the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Christmas.  The peace we feel internally  is the basis of all external peace within families, the community, society and the world and is a condition of the heart and mind of one who is renewed and justified in Christ.  It  is considered  a quality that characterizes those  who have received new life from God and have entered into an eternal relationship with him.  Peace accompanies righteousness and comes to the soul through the cross of Christ that reconciles us to God and one another. 

Next Sunday, we remember the tradition of Bambinelli Sunday when we bring in our baby Jesus’ from our home Creches for a blessing.  During this week in 1940,  80 years ago, our church  building that we worship in at present was formally dedicated.  This was our 3rd church  building since the start of San Antonio in 1922 that know would become the  permanent home for our parishioners and their families to worship in.  When the new building was in in the planning stages, all the  families donated to the capital campaign to cover the  many  costs of a functional modern  church.  Many  local businesses  were very kind to our church community who worked with our tight budget to get the job done.  On that Sunday in 1940, our new church  held the formal dedication that renewed the faith of all those who were excited to be in attendance for the 1st Mass.  They were finally home and were looking forward to the New Year of 1941, for  future weddings, baptisms and parish functions.    

As San Antonio celebrated  its 1st Anniversary on December 7, 1941, the day went from a joyous milestone  to a day of sadness with the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Our church community was changed forever on that morning as many of the neighborhood men enlisted  in the many branches of our Armed Forces.  These  men from immigrant parents were proud to serve our country even though they would be sent away to  participate in unknown battles and  maybe never return. 

We remember all of them and those from The Greatest Generation on Monday, December 7th, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  This day is set aside  to honor the 2,403 United States citizens  killed on that morning.  We will never forget  the sinking of USS Arizona with 1,177 crew lost, the USS Utah with 58 men lost, the USS Oklahoma  with 429 lost, the 159 planes that were badly damaged and the  188 aircraft destroyed  in the surprise attack that brought all our families into a war.  We salute all our WWII Veterans on this 79th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  

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