News from San Antonio Church – July 9, 2023

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Weekly Bulletin July 9, 2023

by Terrie Evans

On Saturday, July 8th San Antonio Church welcomed members from the Van Cleave, Schiesz, Nieves-Taranto and Wilder Families for the baptism of Sophia Van Cleave who was born on January 1, 2023.  Sophia is the daughter of Sarah (Schiesz) and John Van Cleave from Seville, Ohio and is the 5th generation of one the original founding families from South Fairmount.  Her Great Great Grandparents, the late Dena (Panaro) and Silvano Minella were longtime residents of Little Italy and parishioners of San Antonio Church.  The Great Grandparents to baby Sophia were the late Mary (Minella) and Anthony Schiesz who was married by Fr. Caesar Kron on July 4, 1947, at our church and resided at 1990 Queen City Avenue.  Mary and Tony Schiesz were active in the church sodality’s, festivals and fundraisers.  Their children: Grandfather and Grandmother of Sophia, Anthony (Tony) and Beth (Wilder) Schiesz who were married by our then pastor in 1981, Fr. Albert Senn.  Other members of their immediate family, Great Aunt Mary Jo (Schiesz) Cini who married the father of her children, the late Pat Monahan at San Antonio Church on December 27, 1967, Great Aunt Rita (Schiesz) Miller our dedicated Sacristan, and Great Aunt Nancy (Schiesz) Harnish.  The Godparents for baby Sophia’s Christening are her Aunt, Ashley Schiesz and her Uncle, Francisco Nieves-Taranto from Orlando, Florida. 

Fr. Louis Gasparini a Comboni Missionary presided at the Christening and celebration.  Fr. Louis, Director of Hispanic Ministry and Local Superior for the Comboni Mission Center for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati arrived from Italy after World War II and was ordained in 1966.    After he was ordained, Fr. Louis advised the Grandfather of Sophia, Anthony (Tony) Schiesz while he attended a pre–Seminary High School, Monroe Catholic High School in Michigan when the Verona Fathers were part of the Comboni Missionaries.   We are excited for his visit as Fr. Louis Gasparini has worked with the Pastor of Holy Family and San Antonio Churches, Father Rodolfo Coaquira Hilaje, a Peruvian Comboni Missionary.  These extraordinary   Missionary Priests have carried on the work of their founder, St. Daniel Comboni who dedicated his life and mission to the Sacred Heart.  Our church community wishes many blessings upon baby Sophia her parents Sarah and John and all her family members who have traveled many miles to witness and celebrate her Baptism at San Antonio Church, the parish of past generations of family members. 

On this Sunday, July 9th San Antonio Church parishioners welcome the La Societa Fuscaldese Femminile for their annual Mass and Breakfast to honor their patron Saint, San Francesco di Paola who was born in 1416 and Canonized in 1519.  In 1943, Pope Pius XII named San Francesco the patron saint of seamen and in 1963, Pope John XXIII designated San Francesco di Paola the patron saint of Calabria.   We are honored to host their organization for this feast day and all the parishioners are honored to have the likeness of their revered saint, San Francesco di Paola adorn our church.   The history of their club dates to the time when their members immigrated from Fuscaldo, Italy and settled in Cincinnati, as they continued their familial ties and traditions.  The men from those original families established their own organization, Societa’ O.M.S. Fuscaldese Maschill in 1931 as a way to keep their connections with each other. 

Their first picnic was well attended and when they held their next reunion outing at Gutzwiller’s Grove, in 1932, there were over 200 in attendance.  The Men’s organization continued for 71 years until 2002 and that is when the La Societa Fuscaldese continued their service organization and involvement in the community while being a strong presence at Sacred Heart Church in Camp Washington.   After the Sacred Heart Italian Church (the parent church for San Antonio, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Churches) was relocated from 527 Broadway, the Parishioners joined Sacred Heart Church in Camp Washington in 1970   under the direction of the Scalabrinian   Fathers.  After the move, they established a group of volunteers with many from these families assisting with the renovations.  One of their priorities was to move the mural from the sanctuary of Sacred Heart Italian Church, which is now displayed in the Italian Center at Marshall and Massachusetts Avenues. 

The La Societa Fuscaldese Femminile continue to do community service and hold fundraisers to restore the church from their village in Italy.   We are honored by their visit as they celebrate their Saint, and we are appreciative of Pompilio’s for donating the delicious breakfast for all to enjoy.   We thank all our kitchen crew volunteers for preparing the breakfast and all the members of the Men’s and Ladies Club from San Antonio Parishioners who worked during this past week to make this morning a special event.

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  1. this is to say hello and send my love to Rita Schiesz miller. I went to school with Rita at Mother of Mercy high school in cincinnati . I now reside in England as my husband is British. we graduated from Mercy in 1968. I have two daughters both grown up now. My youngest daughter is a beautiful Downs child. So Rita if you get this I send all my love.
    Marybeth aka froggie!!!

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