News from San Antonio Church – June 21, 2020

It appears that the very first possible day that we may resume the Celebration of Mass at San Antonio Church will be May 31st. The State of Ohio advised that there should be no gatherings in churches up until May 29th. and the Catholic Bishops of Ohio agreed We are not sure if we will actually start that day . Please check back on the website for updates.

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to contribute to the ongoing expenses of San Antonio Church by mailing in their weekly envelopes or by contributing electronically utilizing WeShare . The buttons below allow you to make an online donation directly to the listed account for San Antonio Church.

Weekly Bulletin

by Terrie Evans

On this Father’s Day weekend we wish all the  Dads and Fathers of our Church many prayers of gratitude for the many gifts you have bestowed on all of us.  We also honor all our “Spiritual Fathers” the priests who have served us at San Antonio Church over the years.  This Sunday we honor all the influences of Fathers  who taught us the meaning of strong family ties and the foundation for us to celebrate our Catholic Faith.  It is now celebrated in over 111 countries as a way to honor fathers and  the role they play in parenting and fatherhood.   Since 1910, Father’s day has been celebrated in the United States on the 3rd Sunday in June.  By 1924, President Calvin Coolidge worked to make it an official holiday  but was defeated by Congress. The proposal was taken up again in 1957 by Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith; but the discussions went on until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation to honor fathers.  In 1972, then President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a permanent national holiday when he signed it into law.  In the Roman Catholic tradition and in Italy; Father’s Day is celebrated on St. Joseph’s’ Day (Festa Di San Guiseppe) on March 19th , which was considered a public holiday.  

In many countries,  Saint Joseph is referred to as the Fatherly Nutritor Domini (Nourisher of the Lord) and the putative father of Jesus.  It is thought that Joseph, the foster father of Jesus was assumed to be the natural father of Jesus  therefore; St. Joseph is the Putative Father of Our Lord.  The celebration to honor fathers  on St. Joseph’s Day was originally a Southern European tradition brought to the Americas by the Spanish and Portuguese.  Around the 15th Century, the Catholic Church supported the custom of a celebration of Father’s Day on St. Joseph’s  Day with  the support of the Franciscan Order.  As in many countries we always reserve the 3rd Sunday in the month of June to honor all the men from our parish.   

All of  our  San Antonio Church families will always remember  those men who are no longer with us and the many sacrifices the past generations of our fathers and grandfathers endured to give us a better life in this wonderful country of the United States of America.   Please keep them in your thoughts on this day and say a special prayer in their memory.  The Reverend Billy Graham said it best :  “A good Father is one of the most  unsung, unpraised and unnoticed and yet is one of the most valuable assets in our society.”  Happy Father’s Day!

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