News from San Antonio Church – October 30, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin October 30, 2022

by Terrie Evans

Every November we as Christians honor two important days, the 1st is “All Saints Day” to celebrate and honor all the Saints of the Church, whether they are known or unknown on November 1st.  The day is spent by attending church services, praying for the dead and visiting cemeteries.  Observance of this day started in the 4th Century to commemorate Christian Martyrs.  By the 9th century, Churches in the British Isles held the commemoration of all Saints on November 1st which was then observed by Pope Gregory IV and then extended to the whole Catholic Church.  In theology of the Catholic Church, All saints Day commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven.  “All Saints Day” is a time set aside to give God solemn thanks for the lives and deaths of his saints whether they are famous or unknown. 

There are different traditions throughout Europe that are customs on “All Saints Day.”  In Austria and Bavaria, it is a tradition for Godfathers to give their God Children a braided yeast pastry (Allerheiligenstriezel).  Belgians will visit the graves of loved ones and place chrysanthemums to remember and honor them.  In France, wreaths are placed at each tomb or grave and in Germany, “All saints Day” is considered a silent day to only allow public entertainment if the solemn character of the day is preserved.  In Poland, families will gather at the cemeteries of loved ones to tend to the graves and then leave candles and flowers in their memory.  In Portugal, after Mass and visits to the cemeteries, Portuguese children will take part in the tradition Pao-por-Deus by going door to door to receive cakes, nuts, pomegranates, and candies to celebrate all the Saints in heaven.  

The second date is November 2nd, the Roman Catholic Church along with other Christian Denominations honor “All Souls Day” to Commemorate all the faithful departed with a day of prayer and remembrance.  In Italy it is known as “Commemorazione di tutti fedeli defunti;” with many traditions being associated with Purgatory as bells toll to comfort those being cleansed, and candles will be lit to light the way for the poor souls languishing in darkness.  In the Catholic Church, the Faithful refers to all Baptized Catholics to remember the souls in Purgatory.  We are taught that the purification of the souls in Purgatory can be assisted by the actions of the Faithful on earth.  The Faithful on earth can assist those souls who have not fully atoned for past transgressions by prayers, alms, deeds, and especially by the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. 

“All Souls Day” is a time when we particularly remember those who have died.  The prayers appointed for that day remind us that we are joined with the Communion of Saints, that great group of Christians who have finished their earthly life and with who we share the hope of resurrection from the dead.  As we remember all our deceased loved ones who have passed on from our lives, please keep those from our church community who are no longer with us and who we have lost since in the last year from November 2021- 2022.  Martha (King) Andriacco (1943-2022), Kevin Bocklet (1962-2022) Edward (Eddie) Carota (1956-2022), William (Billy) Milazzo (1962-2022), Butch Prinzo (1939-2021) George Purtell (2022), Roy Romelli (1934-2022), Mary Louise (Stevens) Russo (1935-2022), Elsie (Farson) Ventre (1931-2022). 

Please do not forget to set your clocks back 1 hour for next Sunday, November 6th.

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