News from San Antonio Church – September 18, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin September 18, 2022

by Terrie Evans

This is the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  It is also the Sunday in the Catholic Church referred to as Catechetical Sunday by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  On this Sunday, the church reflects on the role that each person plays in being a witness to the Gospel.  Pope Francis is urging all young adults, Ministry leaders and Bishops “To Move Boldy into the Future” with evangelization.  Those who have chosen to be Catechists will be commissioned for their ministry on September 18, 2022, with the theme “This is my Body given for you”. 

To prepare for their commission, online services were offered to all interested individuals to help serve diocesan leaders.  Many age groups are needed for parish catechetical leaders to promote the Eucharist as the source and summit of Christian life.  This Sunday all those who are interested in promoting the Catholic Church will take on teaching the true meaning of the Eucharist and provide faith formations to diverse groups and settings.  Taken from the Greek word Eucharistia, meaning thanksgiving, we celebrate the Eucharist as the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ under the appearances of bread and wine, the glorified Christ who rose from the dead.  We discover the meaning of Church and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist that helps all of us experience the richness of our faith.  We pray for all those who have chosen to be commissioned as Catechists in the Catholic Church.

On this Sunday at San Antonio Church, we welcome members of the Comarata, Miller, Sammons, Hornsby, Rizzo, and Weigand Families as they gather for a Memorial Mass in memory of their Patriarch, Anthony James Comarata (1940-2012) on the 10th Anniversary of his passing.  The Comarata Family has a rich history they trace back to the year 1732 in the region of Termini Imerese, Palermo, Sicily.   Anthony “Tony” James Comarata was born on February 11, 1940, to Lucille (Rizzo) (1896-1978) and James Anthony Comarata (1892-1956).  His mother, Lucille (Rizzo) Comarata’s parents were Ignazio (1850-1922) and Carmela Rizzo (1860-1945).  His father, James Anthony Comarata’s (1892-1956) parents and Anthony James Comarata’s Grandparents were Vincenzo Augustino (1850-1911) and Martina Lo Schiavo Comarata (1852-1929).  Anthony “Tony” James Comarata’s siblings were of Vince Joseph Comarata (1923-1991), Martha (Comarata) Borman (1920-1995), Henry Comarata (1927-2019), Mary (Comarata) Wetenkamp (1930-2018), and the last surviving sibling, Rose (Comarata) Hornsby.  Anthony James Comarata (194-2012) wed Gloria “Miller” in 1961 and welcomed Anthony “Tony”, Lisa (Comarata) Sammons, Steve, and Amy (Comarata) Weigand.

Please remember, our Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Sunday, October the 9th.  We always need volunteers to help in all areas for the big day so let the Sunday Hall Crew know of your interest and they will pass on your information.  Also, we will need desserts and 2-liter Coke products:  Diet Coke, Sprite, Regular Coke and Coke Zero for that day.  We will have signup sheets for volunteers, drinks and desserts in the Hall throughout the Month of September so, please consider doing whatever you can to make this dinner surpass the previous 85 as we closeout our 100th Anniversary 1922-2022.  The hours for the dinner on October 9th are for Drive Through from 11:30 AM-7:00 PM with ONLINE ORDERING at or contact Dave Sabatelli at 513-405-6444.  There will be RESERVATIONS ONLY for DINE IN at the Hall between 12:00-2:00 PM and 4:00PM-7:00PM by contacting Vic Minella at 513-520-5594.

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