News from San Antonio Church – June 19, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 19, 2022

by Terrie Evans

As we get closer to the 100th Anniversary of our church, we recall the parishioners who have had no prior history to South Fairmount or any of our parish families.  One couple is Paul and Mary Louise (Timpe) Unverzagt.  Paul (1922-1985) and Mary Lou came to San Antonio Church around 1980 and after Paul’s passing, Mary Lou continued as a   parishioner for the next 27 years until the time of her death in 2012.  Paul was from a prominent Evansville, Indiana family, graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and served in the military during World War II.  Mary Lou (Timpe) Unverzagt grew up on Robert Avenue and moved to Clifton where she met Paul while he was taking classes at UC.   After Paul’s passing, Mary Lou attended Sunday Mass and volunteered every Monday in the Office at Holy Family as a counter for the Holy Family and San Antonio Sunday collections.  Mary Lou was very generous and donated large sums of money for our White Street Hall awning and the brick enclosure to protect our air conditioners.  Mary Lou was a part of our big San Antonio Parish family, and we still miss her. 

We also remember another couple, Fred, and Dixie (Klemme) Brandewiede (1940-2021) who shared a lot of San Antonio history with us as they supported our church and all our fundraisers.  Everyone from our church family will never forget Dixie’s beautiful welcoming smile.  We are still happy to see Fred Brandewiede at Sunday Mass and hear the latest news about his family, sons Mark and Matthew, daughter Melissa and his 6 Grandchildren.    

A San Antonio Church member who has become a part of our lives is Dennis Gardner who grew up in South Fairmount, attended St. Bonnies, graduated from Roger Bacon, and served in the Army Infantry during Vietnam 1967-1969.  Dennis was severely wounded in 1968 with many prayers said throughout the neighborhood for his recovery.  Dennis served his last year in the Army stateside and later attended the UC for Radiology.  Dennis wed Danease (Rosenacker) and welcomed Brian, Katie and 5 Grandchildren.  At the request of our late parishioner, Mel Fariello, Dennis was asked to serve Mass on Sunday’s and has been dutifully assisting for the last 15 years.  He has served at many funerals and has been flexible to the priests’ requests for feast days, blessings, and special occasions.   

Mary Ann and her cousin Jimmy Capano, (their fathers were brothers) started attending San Antonio Church around 2007 when we were celebrating our 85th Anniversary.  In 2006, Mary Ann had just retired as a Title Examiner, when she met Fr. James Schutte, Pastor at St. James.  On his invitation Mary Ann came to the Rosary and Communion Service and Lunch on the House.  Mary Ann also met Fr. Jim Kiffmeyer, at St. James White Oak when he was temporarily in charge on Fr, Schutte’s absence.  Fr.  Jim Kiffmeyer replace Fr. Jim Schutte at San Antonio in 2010, and at that time, Mary Ann found a new home church.  Mary Ann has been volunteering for the Rosary and Communion Service on Tuesday’s and at Mass on Sunday’s. 

Jimmy Capano soon followed as he had just retired from his full-time job in the restaurant business with the Commissar Family.  Jimmy and wife, Valerie Capano have always enjoyed the fast-paced work of the restaurant business and are now at the Capital Grille in Kenwood on Sunday’s.  Jimmy and Valerie’s family consists of 3 sons, Brandon, James, and Kyle.  Jimmy Capano has been a supporter of all our fundraisers, yearly Mussie Fest’s, and annual Spaghetti Dinners.  Jimmy’s Great Grandmother was Italia Marie (Zari) Mazzei (1888-1975) well known professional Midwife for 37 years who aided in 6,000 births while living in Cincinnati.  There is another Mazzei connection to Jimmy Capano with Connie (Mazzei) Dalessandro and Janet (Mazzei) Rieff.  They along with Janet’s hubby Mike are part of the group who picks up debris every Sunday morning before Mass to make our grounds a welcoming place.  

Tony and Sally Rosiello came to San Antonio Church with his cousin, Alfred (Sonny) and Mary Ann Denicola and Tony’s mom Carmella (Denicola) Rosiello (1929-2017) at the time of our 85th Anniversary.  Tony’s dad, Anthony P. Rosiello grew up at 525 Liberty Street and had passed away in 1991 at 68 years old.  Tony’s Grandparents were Anthony Rosiello (1889-1966) and Antoinette (Patalena) Rosiello (1893-1958) who came to America from Potenza, Italy.  Tony and Sally have really supported San Antonio Church from the start and have never turned down any requests.  They became strong   supporters who promoted our church to coworkers and friends, with Tony inviting Steve Chabot for a visit on Veteran’s Day for a flag ceremony, replacing our worn old glory.  Sally came forward to work tirelessly scheduling our priests and servers for Mass and funerals.  Tony oversaw the printing for the 1st placemat for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner and promoted every ad to make it a success.  Tony and Sally’s family consists of daughters, Gina and Ali, their spouses and 3 grandchildren.  

We have had many good volunteers for our church and hall.  Another dedicated volunteer is Donna Asalone who grew up in Walnut Hills attending Our Lady of Mount Carmel.   Donna came to San Antonio at the invitation of Carmella “Cumi” Berger to bake cookies for our Palm Sunday Bake Sale.  Donna has been with us for 5 years now joining the Men and Ladies Club and volunteering at the 2nd and 4th Tuesday Lunch on the House and for the 1st Sunday of the Month family receptions.  Donna’s parents were Giovanni Anthony Asaslone (1920-1980) and Pasqua (Perrino) Asalone (1921-2013 who came from Gallo, Province of Caserta, Campania, Italy.  Donna’s family consists of late husband Joseph Fleshman (1942-2019), daughter Marianne and grandchildren Kyle and Lauren.   

A couple who came to San Antonio Church to work at Lunch on the House have been volunteering for every event and have now joined the Men’s and Ladies Club.  Chuck and Nancy Bailey enjoy volunteering and are good friends of Dave and Sandy Sabatelli, Chuck and Nancy Bailey have enjoyed many new friendships and everyone at San Antonio wishes them well as they celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary on this Friday, June 24, 2022.  Congratulations!

News from San Antonio Church – June 12, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 12, 2022

by Terrie Evans

We have seen many generous volunteers and benefactors take charge of the many needs since our church building was built in 1940.   Generations of our family members have left their imprint on every surface of our building, hall, and grounds.  Throughout the month of June, we will honor those members as we anticipate the next celebration on July 3rd.  Quite a few years ago, a man who had grown up in the neighborhood, James George (Doc) Bauer (1922-2017) realigned our side door entry with a ramp for easier access for funerals and for those parishioners not able to handle steps.  James George (Doc) Bauer who passed away in 2007 attended St Bonaventure and San Antonio Churches married Marjorie (Buescher) and welcomed Sharon, Mia, Rick Frank, and Janice.  They were once neighbors of Mary and Willard Stoll.  The Bauer’s were early settlers when Doc’s Great Grandfather, John C. Bauer was the local Milkman, living at West Lick Run Pike.  His Grandfather, Valentine Bauer (1858-1938) lived on the north side of Queen City Avenue, west of Lick Run and Doc’s father, Charles John (1883-1962) and mother, Mathilda (Volz) Bauer (1882-1968) also raised their family in the area.  The original Bauer Family homestead was located at 2165 Queen City Avenue near the now historic St. Peter’s Church, established in 1844.  

In the history of San Antonio Church, there were years that the future of our and other churches were unknown.  Our parishioners came forward to enlist a plan and help from family and friends.  It was during that time that Joe and MaryAnn Cupito brough their good friends Edward (1923-2010) and Jane Marie (O’Toole) Cranley (1928-2020) to Sunday Mass.  The Cranley’s were married in 1950 after Ed served in WWII and graduated from Boston College.  Lt. Edward Cranley was in the U. S. Navy Air Corps at the time of their wedding and was soon deployed to Japan due to the Korean War.  They later relocated to Cincinnati and then to Crestview Hills, Kentucky with children Kevin, Nancy, Kathleen, Lynne, and Terry.  Their Catholic Faith was important to the Cranely’s, and they saw how hard we were willing to fight to retain our church.  Ed and Jane sponsored many of the events held during those years and continued to attend and support San Antonio Church until their passing.  Throughout the 60 years of their married life, Ed and Jane supported Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati and the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home and other worthy causes.      

            We will never forget the talents of Giles “Guy” Anthony Langenbrunner (1930-2018) who became a regular at Sunday Mass with wife Del Langenbrunner.  Guy was born in Kentucky, moved to Cincinnati at age 9, graduated from Elder High School in 1948 served in the 101st Airborne in the US Army during the Korean War.  Guy was a stone mason who founded the G & G Langenbrunner Masonry Company with brother George and was the catalyst behind our Brick Memorial Garden Fundraiser for our 85th Anniversary in 2007.  He would enlist his friends to support our fundraiser and Guy started the process by showcasing the area, with a stone bench in honor of Fr. Jim Willig (1951-2001) and a donation from Edgar Willig (1921-2017) for landscaping.  While working to get all the bricks stamped and placed, Guy was also constructing our new lighted Marque.  We were able to raise funds for much needed repairs and have a beautiful blessing and celebration in October 2007.  Many of our parishioners at San Antonio Church have fond memories of attending the Rosary Rallye held every May at the Pit at Elder, an event the Langenbrunners promoted.  The Langenbrunner family consists of children: Sandy, Lori, Greg, and Doug.   

William “Bill’ Milazzo (1933-2019) was raised in South Fairmount and attended St. Bonaventure School with brothers Frank (1930-2016) and Charles. Bill served hie country in the US Navy during the Korean War while brother, Frank served in the Air Force during Vietnam and Korea.  Their parents were Frank (Lefty) (1908-1970) and Ella (Holtzacker) Milazzo (1910-2010) who resided at 1538 Harrison Avenue. Frank (Lefty) Milazzo was 2 years old when he emigrated from Italy in 1910 with parents, Caesar (1880-1965) and Michela (Damico) Milazzo (1888-1979).  William “Bill” married Alma (Monie) April 16, 1955, at St. Ignatius Church and would welcome Tony, Charles, Maria, Angelo and the late Joey and Bill.   Monie and Bill started attending San Antonio Church after our 85th Anniversary and have supported our fundraisers and events.  They celebrated 64 years of married life at the time Bill’s passing in 2019.   Monie has continued to assist at Mass on Sundays and at the Rosary and Communion Service on Tuesdays.  

Mike and Linda (Stoll) Kelsey came to San Antonio Church at the time we were getting ready for our 85th Anniversary.  Linda came to our Tuesday Rosary and Communion Service with her mother Mary (Krems) Stoll (192-2013) and their friend from St. Bonaventure, Sr. Joseph Marion Shappelle (1926-2010) a Sister of Charity   from Sr. Blandina’s Order.  Her parents were Mary (Krems) (1922-2013) and Willard Stoll (1918-2005) who were married on October 25, 1941, at St. Augustine Church.  Willard Stoll was the French Bauer neighborhood Milkman for 32 years.  The Stolls celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1991.  Linda (Stoll) Kelsey grew up across from St. Bonaventure School with sisters, Ginny, Leilani, Theresa, Mary Ann and brothers, Ken, Mike, Chris, Jim, and Steve also attending St. Bonnies, Linda Stoll would meet and marry Roger Bacon Grad, Mike Kelsey on August 29, 1969, and welcome Mary, Walt, Katie, Pat, and Sally.   And 22 Grandchildren.   Since joining San Antonio Church, they have volunteered with Mike assisting at Sunday Mass and on Tuesday’s with Linda handling the Rosary and Communion Service.   Our San Antonio Church Community wants you and all your families to know we could not be celebrating our 100th Anniversary without you!

News from San Antonio Church – June 5, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 5, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we welcome the members of the Sabatelli family and the generations of those   long-ago settlers to Little Italy who are still active parishioners of San Antonio Church.  Phillip Sabatelli arrived in America in 1913 and after coming to Cincinnati worked as a water boy for the construction crews paving the streets of South Fairmount.   Phillip and Mary (Salerno) Sabatelli lived next door to our church from 1943-1950 and were present at the festivals, the annual Marian processions and other historical events held during those years.  In 1998, we welcomed back their son Phillip Jr. and late wife, Judy (Bone) Sabatelli.   The other Sabatelli family members who are active at San Antonio Church are Earl and Rose (Sabatelli) Einhaus, Dave and Sandy Sabatelli, and Larry and Eileen (Sabatelli) Vickery.  After joining our church, they have shared many memories from the neighborhood while volunteering to work for the good of San Antonio Church.  Our church community thanks all of you on this special day for your family.

We also welcome the Dalessandro Family today who share cousins within the Panaro, Grieco, Guerrera, and Marckesano, families.  They have a very long and rich history with the church and the neighborhood of South Fairmount.  The late Tim and Anne Dalessandro attended all Men’s and Ladies Club meetings and were valued members and volunteers until their passing.  Tim’s brother Ron, and wife Connie (Mazzei) Dalessandro have given many volunteer hours for bake sales, Pizza Party Fundraisers and the Annual Spaghetti Dinner and have also been Officers of the Men’s and Ladies Club in the past.  Our parishioners thank them for bringing Connie’s sister Janet (Mazzei), hubby Jim Reiff, and their daughter Gabrielle who after becoming parishioners have been active in the Men’s and Ladies Club and are always there when other jobs are needed to be done.  Jim has many talents and has handled carpentry work and many fixes it repairs needed in our Hall.  The Dalessandro family dates to the start of our church and we are grateful to still have them as members.  

The Guerrera Family has always had a presence at San Antonio Church with ties to many of our parishioners such as the Panaro, Grieco, Robinson and Stevens Families.  Many members of their family were always willing to be of service to our church from the day San Antonio Church was dedicated in 1922.  Miss Virginia (Guerrera) Stevens (1910-1970) mother of Mary Lou (Stevens) Russo, along with Antoinette and Brigida Schiavo performed in a play, “The Princess Who Hid Her Shoes” for the formal dedication of San Antonio Church on August 6, 1922.   Sr. Blandina Segale, Servant of God assisted them to sew their costumes and guide them on this big day.   The 1st generation of Italian Americans born in the United States were now receiving the sacraments in their newly established church.  Ruth (Guerrera) Kallmeyer (1919-2001) along with other neighborhood children posed for the 1927 Confirmation class picture with our Pastor, Fr. Vincent Graglia.   Patriarch, Giuseppe “Joseph “Guerrera (1885-1953) would serve San Antonio Church as a Lay Advisor from 1928-1931 for many years continued to guide the next Committee’s from the parish.  At present, Jo Ann (Berning) Lyons, daughter of Annie (Guerrera) (1915-2007) and the late Melvin Berning has become a regular part of the kitchen crew for Lunch on the House and a volunteer for special events.   

On this Sunday, we also recall the contributions the D’Angelo family has made to San Antonio Church.  Theresa (Mueller-Wilhelm) D’Angelo, grandmother of our parishioner Donna (D’Angelo) Smith was highlighted in the Sant Antonio Italian Church 10th Anniversary program in 1932 as an Officer with the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality.  The other ladies serving our church during those years were Mrs. Paul Wilke and Mrs. Vincent DeLuca under the direction of Fr. Dennis Engelhard, O.F.M.                                                                             

Our church has been blessed with many talented Organists since the start of the choir in 1934.  The Joseph and Pauline Ebertz along with daughters Rosemary and Marjorie   volunteered in our early years with Citizenship Classes and in 1934 helped with the formation of the San Antonio Choir.  Miss Rosemary Ebertz became the Musical Director for the newly formed Choir and would play at mass along with her younger sister, Marjorie Carolyn (Ebertz) Adams.  Rosemary became Sister Mary Joeline, R.S.M. with the Sisters of Mercy for 66 years at the time of her passing on July 15, 2005, at the McAuley Convent.  Her younger sister, Marjorie Ebertz would attend Mother of Mercy Academy, Our Lady of Cincinnati / Edgecliff College, and the Sacred Heart College of Music in New York City.  Marjorie wed Army Capt. James Adams in 1946 and their family would consist of Joeline (Adams) Lecture who at one time played at San Antonio Church, Jane (Adams) Pomeroy, and Marilyn Ebertz.  We will never forget the how much the Ebertz family from Holy Family Parish did for all our families during those early years when San Antonio was just established.

News from San Antonio Church – May 29, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 29, 2022

by Terrie Evans


We are coming to the end of historical families that will be honored on Sunday, June 5th at Mass, and a Reception in the Hall.  Today we honor the last two families who have many years of history with San Antonio Church, the D’Angelo and the Gene and Pat Osterkamp family.  The first is Rosario D’ Angelo (1887-1929) who settled in South Fairmount and had a younger sister Concetta Agnes Mary D’Angelo (1889-1954) who also journeyed to America and settled in the “Little Italy” section of Lick Run whose parents were Zachariah and Rosa (Acito) D’ Angelo.   Agnes (D’Angelo) married Antonio Augustine (1884-1926) on December 18, 1910, at Sacred Heart Church.  They had 8 children before Antonio’s sudden death in 1926.  Rosario D’ Angelo sister Agnes raised her children at 1968 Queen City Avenue and kept her family together while taking menial jobs.  Rosario D’Angelo moved to 1890 Queen City Avenue when he became a Naturalized Citizen on October 3, 1914 and served in the Marine Corps in WWI from June 2, 1918-December 31, 1918, at Paris Island, South Carolina. After his service, Rosario married Theresa (Mueller) Wilhelm (1889-1972) a widow from Pennsylvania who was from Austria-Hungary and worked as a seamstress. 

Rosario D’ Angelo and Theresa (Mueller) Wilhelm were married on April 29, 1920, at Sacred Heart Italian Church on Broadway in Cincinnati.  They set up their homestead at 1869 Westwood Avenue, near Forbus Street.  Their family consisted of Frances (D’ Angelo) Larbes (1920-1988) who attended St. Bonnies in the 1920’s, Theresa Wilhelm, Jacob Wilhelm, who was listed in the 10th Anniversary Program in charge of the Catholic Boys Brigade and the Blessed Virgin Society, and the youngest, Robert D’Angelo. Rosario suffered from Chronic Bronchial Asthma and passed away from the disease at age 42.   After his passing, Theresa (Mueller-Wilhelm) D’Angelo became a member of the St. Ann Married Ladies Sodality where she served as Secretary of the women’s group. 

Rosario and Theresa’s son, Robert D’ Angelo (1923-2007) served in the Army during World War II when he was 20.  Before he enlisted, he was employed by The Powell Valve Company.  On his return, Robert married Eileen V Miller (1927-2011) on April 12, 1947, at St. Bonnies’ Church by Rev. Ervin Gehring   with a reception at the Price Hill Community Center and moved to 1858 Westwood Avenue.  Their family consisted of Ronald, Donna Smith, and Nancy Buckner.  Robert and his son Ronald worked in the plumbing business together until Robert D’ Angelo’s passing in 2007.  The D’ Angelo Family joined San Antonio Church after the closure of St. Bonaventure Church and attended Mass and our Tuesday Rosary and Communion Service.  After the passing of her parents, Donna (D’Angelo) Smith has remained a parishioner who has celebrated Mass with us on Sunday’s and continues to support our church. 

Also, to mention of this Sunday is Gene Ostenkamp and the list of very talented Organists we have served us at Mass and special events held at San Antonio Church.   A few years after our church was established, Margie Ebertz worked to establish the Choir and served as our organist.  Her daughter Jolene (Ebertz) Lecture attended Mass, was a Christmas Angel on many Christmases Eves, and later took over playing the organ for Sunday Mass.  A Granddaughter from the neighborhood, Barb (Esposito) Illaqua, would schedule Choir practice every week and played for Sunday Mass, funerals, and special events until she relocated for a job in Washington, D.C. 

Out next Organist, Gene Ostenkamp was with us for 35 years until his passing in 2014.  Gene along with Pat (Baarlaer) Ostenkamp were valued parishioners who were dedicated to the success of our church.  Pat, a talented seamstress volunteered her sewing skills on many occasions even making new cushions for the Altar chairs and hemming cloths on the Altar.  Gene and Pat celebrated 54 years of marriage at the time of his passing.  Their family, daughter Doris (Ostenkamp) Lucas and sons, Gene, Ed, and Daniel Ostenkamp. 

Our San Antonio Church Community also remembers the other talented musicians who were with us at Sunday Mass:  Matt Spencer also served as the Director of Music at Holy Family, Denise Luebbe -Vasquez who was the Latino Community Liaison at Holy Family parish, Edward ‘Ted ‘Walter who is a Dean and Communication Director for the American Guild of Organists, and Ted Wartman who has played throughout the Archdiocese.  

Our present Organist, Paul Wentzel who has been with San Antonio Church for 6 years, started playing at 11 years old after taking lessons at St. Clement Parish in St. Bernard.  While attending La Salle High School, Paul played on Sunday mornings at St. Theresa Little Flower, St. Richard of Chichester, Assumption, St. Martin’s, St Ignatius, and many other churches in the Archdiocese.

News from San Antonio Church – May 22, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 22, 2022

by Terrie Evans

We continue our 100th year Anniversary San Antonio Church celebrations by introducing another historical family, the Guerrera Family.  There are many different families connected with the start of their family especially the Panaro’s and the Grieco’s.  Virginia Mary (Panaro) (1869-1931) married Anthony Grieco (1866-1949) on December 28, 1888, in Potenza, Italy.  Virginia was the daughter of Vincenzo (1846-1910) and Maria (Maturo) Panaro (1845-1941) and sister of Lawrence Panaro (1873-1940).  Virginia and Anthony’s 1st child, Maria (Grieco) Guerrera was born in Italy when Virginia was 19 and Anthony was 23.   The couple arrived in New York in 1892 when daughter Maria (Grieco) Guerrera (1889-1947) was about 3 years old.  Virginia’s brother Lawrence and their parents journeyed to America prior to the Grieco family who arrived around 1890.  They settled in Cincinnati where Nellie (Grieco) Dallessandro (1893-1970), Joseph Leo Grieco (1896-1953) and Helen (Grieco) Robinson (1910-2005) were born. 

Maria (Grieco) would marry Giuseppe (Joseph) Guerrera (1885-1953) journeyed to America around 1900 from Italy and were married on June 18, 1905, when he was 20 and Maria was 17.  In the 1930 census, they were living at 1938 Queen City Avenue and were Naturalized Citizens.   Joseph Guerrera is seated between Frank Gargano and Pasquale de Carro in the dedication picture in 1922.  Their family consisted of Agnes Guerrera (1906-1951), married Pasquale “Patrick” Sarraino (1895-1934) who served in the Army in 1918 during World War I.  Agnes (Guerrera) Sarraino was a member of the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality, Little Flower Aux. No. 244, Knights of St. John.  Nicholas Guerrera (1907-1935) was married to Emma Beasley before he died suddenly on January 11, 1935, and was buried from San Antonio Church.   Virginia Guerrera (1910-1970) wed Dominic Stevens (1905-1987) who was seated next to Dominic Acito in the dedication of the St Anthony Neighborhood House picture.  Virginia (Guerrera) Stevens was a member of Little Flower Ladies Aux. No. 244, Knights of St. John, and St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality.  Virginia and Dominic’s family, Donald Stevens (1931-2008), Mary Lou (Stevens) Russo, and Joseph “frog” Stevens (1940-2003) was a U.S. Army Veteran.  Lawrence Guerrera (1910-1994) wed Francis “Honey” Wetterick (1909-2001) had sons Ronald Guerrera (1934-1934) and Nicholas Guerrera (1937-2013) who moved to Dandridge, Tennessee.  Annie Guerrera (1915- 2007) who was married for 63 years to Melvin Berning Sr. (1908-1999), a member of the Price Hill Old Timers Baseball team, children:  Jo Ann (Berning) Lyons, Judi (Berning) Renners, Carol (Berning) Papania who died in 2021, Linda (Berning) Price, Marilyn Berning, and Melvin Berning Jr.  Ruth Guerrera (1919-2001) wed William Kallmeyer (1915-1988) children Janice (Kallmeyer) Kearns), Joyce (Kallmeyer) Faye, Diane Kallmeyer, Maria (Grieco) Guerrera ‘s sister, Nellie Grieco (1893-1970) married Vincenzo Dalessandro who died in 1918 at the age of 31 and left Nellie with 4 children:  Dominic, Anthony, Philomena ”Minnie”, and John. 

            Maria’s brother Joseph Leo Grieco (1896-1953) served during WW l, married Florence (Kroger) (1895-1973) children Harold Grieco (1924-2011) who married Jane Manning (1924–2011) was a pharmacist, children Kim and Todd.  Joseph Grieco Jr. wed Irene (Buchanan) welcomed children Jeri, Toni, Pam, and Joe.  Laverne (Grieco) married James Ellis welcomed children Glenn and Debbie.  Lorraine (Grieco) wed Robert Yunger and their family consisted of Carol, Mark, and Gary.  The Ellis Family were neighbors and good friends to Harry Panaro’s parents, Anthony, and Virginia.  The youngest sibling of Maria (Grieco) Guerrera, Joseph Grieco, and Nellie (Grieco) Dallesandro was Helen (Grieco) (1910-2005) who married John Robinson (1910-1998) children Rose Anita (Robinson) Smith (1941-1994), Jerry Robinson, the late Jackie (Robinson) Sagers, Debbie (Robinson) Kostoff (1954-2009), Leo and Mike Robinson.  These families were with San Antonio Church since the beginning and have supported our church and the many fundraisers we have held over the years.

News from San Antonio Church – May 15, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 15, 2022

by Terrie Evans

           On this Sunday we remember one of the early families of San Antonio Church who settled in the Little Italy section of South Fairmount.  The Dominic (1863-1928)and Philomena (Maffia) Dalessandro  family moved to  1824 Westwood Avenue after their arrival in 1901  from Roccadaspide, Salerno, Italy with 3 children,  Vincenzo (1886-1918), who married Nellie (Grieco), Magdalena (Dalessandro) (1889-1985), who wed Pasquale Marckesano and had 11 children:  Philomena (Marckesano) Schare, Jenny (Marckesano) Flemming, Louise (Marckesano) Studt, Shirley (Marckesano) Kramer, Rose (Marckesano) Panaro, Nellie Stath, Mary Schwartz, Ralph, James, Ann, and Jean Marckesano. 

Daughter, Assunta “Sue” (Dalessandro) (1901-1986) wed Louis Urti (1890-1922) when she was 17 and after his passing due to a tragic accident,  married   Edward Z. Walpole.  Assunta “Sue”  had one son with Louis, Michael Urti, our late parishioner: 2 children with Edward Walpole Sr., Betty Schlemmer and Edward Walpole Jr. and one son John, with Phillip Cipriani.  Dominic and Philomena relocated to 1962 Montrose Street and attended the old Sacred Heart Italian Church on Broadway, as San Antonio Church was not yet established.  Dominick worked hard to support his family by taking a job in the hair factory. 

Through the next generations and marriages, the Dalessandro’s have connections and many cousins from the Panaro, Marckesano, Grieco, Guerrera and Robinson Families.  The oldest son and brother of Magdalena and Assunta, Vincenzo Dalessandro (1886-1918) wed Nellie (Grieco) (1893-1970) the daughter of Anthony  (1867-1949) and Virginia (Panaro) (1870-1931) Grieco.  They were married on July 5, 1908, when Nellie was 19 and Vincenzo was 22.   Nellie’s siblings were Maria (Grieco) Guerrera, Helen (Grieco) Robinson, and Joseph Grieco and they were the grandchildren of Vincent (1846-1910) and Maria (Matura) Panaro (1845-1941), Virginia(Panaro) Grieco’s parents.  Virginia (Panaro) Grieco’s brother Lawrence and wife Josephine (Palmieri) Panaro were their Aunt and Uncle.

When Vincenzo and Nellie established their homestead in a house built in 1848 at 1940 Queen City Avenue, he was as his father employed at the hair factory to support his family.  On May 4, 1918, Vincenzo Dalessandro died from pneumonia at the age of 31;  wife Nellie (Grieco) Dalessandro was 24, their children, Dominic was 6, Anthony was 4, Philomena “Minnie” was 2 and the youngest, John was a baby.  Nellie stayed in her home at 1940 Queen City Avenue and in the 1930 Census, she was 36, Dominic was 18, Anthony 16, Philomena 14, and the youngest, John was 12.  Also living with them was Grandmother, a widow, Maria (Matura) Panaro.   Maria (Matura) Panaro buried her husband Vincent in 1910, daughter Virginia in 1931 and son Lawrence in 1940.   Nellie (Grieco) Dalessandro was very close to her Grandmother and became a loving dedicated caretaker until she passed in 1941, at the age of 94. 

Vincenzo and Philomena ”Nellie”(Grieco) Dalessandro’s children:  Dominic Dalessandro (1912-1973) married Dorothy (Dieckman); had daughter, Nancy (Dalessandro) Albert and son, James Dalessandro (1935-2008).  Anthony Joseph “Tim” Dalessandro (1913-1975) wed Mary had daughters, Janet (Dalessandro) Steelman, Beverly (Dalessandro) Murrell, and son, Anthony Ricardo “Rick” Dalessandro.  Philomena “Minnie” (Dalessandro)  (1915-2002) wed George Wright (1900-1967) moved to Indiana and lived on a farm in Moors Hill where she grew many vegetables that were shared with family members.   Family and friends made the trek to her farm every summer for her homegrown vegetables and to select a pumpkin every fall.  John V. “Gick” Dalessandro (1917-1998)  wed Mary Jane  (Riedeman) (1919-1987) son, Anthony “Tim” Dalessandro (1938-2018) wed the late Ann (Thinnes) and became dedicated supporters of our church.  Tim and Ann were members of the Men’s and Ladies Club while Tim volunteered every Sunday as an usher at our 9:00 AM Mass.  They were active until their passing.  Ron and Connie (Mazzei) Dalesssandro welcomed son David, and daughters Antoinette “Toni” and Gina.  Ron and Connie volunteer every Sunday at Mass with Ron as an Usher and in the Hall.   Connie is also the Vice President of the Men’s and Ladies Club.  Linda (Dalessandro) wed Frank “Sparky” Claypool on May 5, 1965 and welcomed son Frank and daughter Christy.    Linda and Sparky Claypool have been very dedicated and generous to San Antonio over the years supporting all our events and fundraisers. 

News from San Antonio Church – May 8, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 8, 2022

by Terrie Evans

By Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day!  During the month of May, we will recall more early San Antonio Church families.  Today we introduce the Sabatelli family and in the next few Sundays,  we will highlight the Dalessandro, Guerrera and D’ Angelo Families to be celebrated on Sunday, June 5th.    We will also list the many talented Organists who have served San Antonio Church.    

The 1st group is the Pietro Giorgio (1838-1925) and Raffaella (Prinzo) Sabatelli (1868-1937) family with seven sons and one daughter, were born in Felitto, Italy and have ties to the Prinzo, Di Stasi, and Riviello Families.   1st Son, Carlo Giuseppe Sabatelli (1892-1924).  2nd Son, Giuseppe “Joseph” Carlo Sabatelli (1894-1981) came to America, lived in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, and settled in Cincinnati with his family.  3rd Son, Filippo ”Phillip” Sabatelli (1897-1967) also journeyed to Old Forge, Pennsylvania and then he too went to Cincinnati with his wife and children.  4th Son, Gaetano Rosario Sabatelli (1899-1964) settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is buried there.  5th Son, Rosario Sabatelli  (1902-1989), 6th Son, Pasquale Sabatelli (1905-1982), 7th Son, Eugenio Sabatelli (1908-1909) died in Felitto, Italy and finally youngest, daughter, Sylvia Sabatelli. 

The Siblings who journeyed to America and later settled in Cincinnati were Giuseppe “ Joseph” (1894-1981) and Filippo “Phillip”  (1897-1967) Sabatelli.  Giuseppe “Joseph” left Italy in 1909 with a cousin, Maria Grazia (Prinzo) (1887-1970) and her husband Rosario Di Stasi (1877-1969).  When they arrived at Ellis Island, Joseph was detained for 3 days due to a case of pink eye and luckily recovered, as Joseph could have been sent back to Italy.  They traveled first to Cincinnati as there were Prinzo and Di Stasi relatives to welcome them.  During the First World War years, they settled in Cleveland’s, Mayfield Village for work in the munitions factory.  The Di Stasi’s then decided on moving to Cincinnati and the Sabadelli’s located in Old Forge. 

Giuseppe “Joseph” Carlo Sabatelli married Giovanna “Jennie” Lucy Pagnotti (1901-1973) having sons, William Peter Sabatelli (1922-1973) and Leroy Carl Sabatelli (1925-2021) and daughter, Priscilla, still living.  From Old Forge, they moved to Bethel, New York next to Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm (Woodstock).  In 1945,  William wed Rose Trotta when he was in the Navy, and she was employed as a factory worker.  Leroy served in the Army as a radio operator on the C45 and C46 planes and in 1948 became a licensed pilot.  Leroy wed Virginia (Heyob) and they had a son Mark and daughter Toni.  After moving to Cincinnati, Joseph, Will and Leroy owned the Sunset Inn in Harrison, Ohio around 1947 with Leroy as the fry cook, William running the service station and his dad Joe in charge of the Inn.  

Brother, Filippo “Phillip”  Sabatelli (1897-1967) worked as a laborer in a Hydroelectric Plant in Felitto, Italy to pay for his passage to America.  He was 16 when he arrived in New York on October 2, 1913.  Filippo “Phillip” Sabatelli  wed Mary Salerno (1899-1977)  on April 27, 1919 and the couple  settled in Old Forge, Pennsylvania when he was employed as a coal miner.  Their first child, a daughter, Rafaella, lived a few weeks, and died in April 1920.  He became a naturalized citizen on June 13, 1921, a month after his son Peter David Sabatelli (1921-1977) was born.  Peter David joined the Air Force in 1942 wed Rita (Neumann) (1923-2007) in 1944 who lived on Selim Avenue and attended St. Bonaventure Church.  After the war, Peter David Sabatelli worked as a pattern maker for the Lunkenheimer Valve Company to support his family consisting of David Albert, Eileen, Rosemary, Barbara, and Vincent (1957-2013).  David Albert Sabatelli, now President of the Men’s and Women’s Club at San Antonio Church as well as a volunteer with his wife Sandy.  He is retired from his career as an Engineer at Proctor and Gamble, and they have three daughters, Angie, Kris, and Jen.  Sibling, Eileen (Sabatelli)  wed Larry Vickery and have a daughter Ann and son Anthony.  After Eileen and Larry joined our church , they became active volunteers at all San Antonio Church functions.  Sibling, Rosemary (Sabatelli) wed Earl Einhaus with daughter Charity and son, the late David Einhaus (1978-2021).  Rose and Earl support our church, volunteer every Sunday after Mass, and work all the Lunch on the House Tuesday’s.  Sibling, Barbara (Sabatelli) wed Rick Huber and is still living.  Filippo “Phillip” and Mary Sabatelli’s daughter, Antoinette Sabatelli (1926-1974) born in Old Forge worked at the Lunkenheimer Valve Company before her marriage to Edward Lanser at San Antonio Church and welcoming children Lora (Lanser) Schwallie, Claire (Lanser) Rosenbaum.  Josephine C. Sabatelli (1929-2009) was employed at Lunkenheimer Valve Company and   at the Jobs Corps as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.  Teresa Sabatelli (1933-1935) was 2 when she died of Whooping Cough and is buried in Old Forge. Phillip Sabatelli Jr. born in 1937 located to Cincinnati and grew up next to San Antonio Church at houses owned by his parents, Filippo, and Mary Sabatelli, at 1956 and 1958 Queen City Avenue.   Phillip Jr. married Judy Bone (1938-2015) in 1959 and welcomed Lisa in 1960, Terry in 1963 and Steven in 1968.  He is now retired from a career at DuBois Chemical as a Chemist, Research Director, and as a Senior Vice President of Marketing for 43 years.  Phillip Jr. and Judy came back to the neighborhood and San Antonio Church in 1998 to reconnect with his 2nd cousin, John Fariello, and other friends from his youth.  Phil and Judy worked very hard to support our church by volunteering at all fundraisers, Lunch on the House Tuesdays, and events .  Phil has served on Parish Council, as Treasurer of the Men’s and Ladies Club and as an Usher at our 9:00 AM Sunday Mass.   


News from San Antonio Church – May 1, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 1, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we welcome the Florimonte, Carota, Ciuccio, Mazzaro, and Horn Families as we continue our early San Antonio Church Parishioner family celebrations.  Giuseppe (Joseph) (1900-1961) and Rosaria “Rose” (Minella) Florimonte (1900-1971) are related to the Minella, Ferroni, and Cerchio families with the union of Vincent Cerchio Sr. (parents:  Alvina Ferroni and Gaetano Cerchio) to Helen “Lena”  Flrorimonte.  Joseph and Rose  (Minella) Florimonte settled in the Upper Lick Run section of South Fairmount at 2165 Queen City Avenue when they were involved in a car accident.  In July of 1939; they along with son Angelo, who was 8 at the time survived a serious car crash when they were rear ended by a Taxicab at McMillian Ave and Essex Place.  Rose suffered from shock and severe bruises of her chest while son Angelo was injured with a head injury.  They were transported to Bethesda Hospital and recovered.  Joseph Florimonte went on to be a Police Officer and in 1942 was employed as a Security Guard in charge of the Cincinnati Waterworks property.  He was hired to prevent sabotage by protecting the woods around the property during World War II.  The area was off limits to anyone who trespassed, and the guards were ordered to “Shoot on Sight” any interlopers who entered the grounds.  

The Agostino (1885-1973) and Antonia (Minella) Carota (1884-1958) family was also related to the founding members of San Antonio Church.  Their children were in the Communion and Confirmation Classes after the founding of our church in 1922.  The Confirmation Class Picture of 1927, shows Josephine, Anne, and Frederick (Reke) Carota present with our then Pastor, Fr. Vincent Graglia.  The Carota boys were known in the neighborhood as the “Fairmount Guys”  a group of young men who sometimes hung out at the White Horse Café at 1958 Queen City Avenue.  They all graduated from St. Bonnies and attended all the yearly class reunions, and the April “Mussie” Fests held every year.  The Carota Brothers owned Beppo Pizza Supply and Carota Pony Keg.  

The Vito (1902-1988) and Chiarina (Della Palma) Ciuccio  (1902-1987) family came to Cincinnati through Old Forge, Pennsylvania where other family members were already settled including some members of the Di Stasi Family.  The Vito Ciuccio Family lived at 1958 Queen City Avenue in the Upper Lick Run area and went on to became successful in the Restaurant business.  Generations of their family have supported San Antonio Church.  Relatives of Vito and Chiarina Ciuccio, the Nicola (1902-1957) and Filomena (Mazzaro)  Ciuccio (1905-1975) Family resided at 2233 Esmond Street in the Lower Lick Run area of South Fairmount.  Nicola “Nick”  is pictured in the dedication of St. Anthony Center seated between Pasquale Schiavo and Vito Guilarmo.  All the men wore the San Antonio Congregation ribbons on their lapels for this milestone event in South Fairmount.

The Mazzaro family were parishioners in the early years and have ties to the Ciuccio and Horn Families.  Antonio Mazzaro is pictured between Frank Andriacco and Rosario Fariello in the St. Anthony Center dedication picture.  The Mazzaro family resided in the Lick Run area of South Fairmount when Rosario and Belle (Bamonte) Mazzaro lost their son, Sgt. Anthony Mazzaro (1920-1944) during WWII.  He was serving with the 329th Inf. 83rd Div. when he was KIA in Belgium on December 29, 1944.  Many San Antonio Church members still recall this sad day in the history of our small neighborhood.  Sgt. Anthony Mazzaro was buried in the Veterans Section at St. Joseph New Cemetery.  We also remember the many family members of the Horn family from the time they lived at 1964 Montrose Street.  Peter Sr.  (1890-1977) and Lorraine Horn (1896-1977) have connections to our San Antonio Church families as their nine children grew up with many generations of our parishioners.  Ralph, John “Tex”, Harold “Hal”, Phil “Flute”, Glenn, and Pete Horn Jr.  had all been good friends to Richard “Mussie” Minella; and over the years returned for the reunions held at San Antonio Church.  Our parishioners will always recall Flute’s son, the late Phil, and wife Marybeth Horn who attended Mass with us every Sunday until their passing.   

News from San Antonio Church – April 24, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin April 24, 2022

by Terrie Evans

Next Sunday, May 1st, San Antonio Church will honor the Florimonte, Carota, Ciuccio, Mazzaro and Horn families and the many connections these families have to each other.  On this Sunday, we recall the family of Vito (1902-1988) and Chiarina (Della Palma) Ciuccio (1902-1987) whose next generations return every year for an annual Mass at San Antonio Church to honor the couple who both passed away in the month of May one year apart.  Vito Ciuccio (1902-1988) was born in Felitto, Italy to Pasquale and Grazia Ciuccio with siblings Rosaria and Giuseppe.  Vito served in the Italian Army in World War I, married Chiarina, daughter of Pasquale and Antonia (Gnazzo) Della Palma.  Vito and Chiarina welcomed son Pasquale (Pat) Ciuccio in Italy and soon decided to make a better life for their family.  Vito journeyed to America alone to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania and save enough money for their passage.

There were many Ciuccio family members in Pennsylvania to welcome Vito until Chiarina and son Pasquale arrived in New York on July 30, 1928.  The couple made their way to Cincinnati where Grace (Ciuccio) Nusekabel (1929-2020), Jeanette Ciuccio (!931-1932), and Mary (Ciuccio) Runtz were born.  Vito worked for CG&E while his son Pasquale (Pat) went on to operate restaurants in the warehouse district “bottoms” near the Ohio River.  Pasquale (Pat) Ciuccio wed Lillian Leesman and welcomed daughters Deborah, Karen, and son James Vito Ciuccio, owner of Giminetti Bakery.  Pat and Lillian now 93 years young, operated   Ciuccio’s in Hyde Park with the help of Grace (Ciuccio) Nusekable after her marriage to   Bernard (Bernie) Nusekabel and welcomed children Diane, Kathy, Bernie, Bob, and Tom.  Mary (Ciuccio) wed Richard Runtz at San Antonio Church on August 13, 1961 and will celebrate 61 years of marriage this summer.  Their family consist of Pamela, Ken, Michelle, Alan.

The Ciuccio family married into the Mazzaro family with the union of cousin, Nicola (Nick) Ciuccio (1902-1957) to Filomena (Fanny) Mazzaro (1905-1975) on September 15, 1923.   Fanny’s parents were Antonio (Anthony) and Antonia (Lettieri) Mazzaro who resided at 1695 Montrose Street when they celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary at San Antonio Church in 1955.  Nicola and Fanny (Mazzaro) Ciuccio set up their homestead at 2233 Esmonde Street near his sister, Antonio (Ciuccio) Moreno and welcomed children Madeline (Ciuccio) Richmond, Jeanette (Ciuccio) Mac Gregor, and Rosemary (Ciuccio) Wiesner.

All the members of this family attended and supported our church while, Patriarch, Nicola (Nick) Ciuccio was President of the San Antonio Holy Name Society, member of the Mother Seton Council, Knights of Columbus, the Young Men’s Italian Club, and the Italian Benevolent Association.  Nicola (Nick) Ciuccio died in 1957 after shoveling snow at his home at 5113 Sumter Avenue in the Cincinnati suburb of Covedale. 

Filomena (Fanny) was the sister of Angela “Mary” (Mazzaro) La Cortiglia and Dan Mazzaro who wed Loretta Horn, and descendant of the Phillip (1851-1922) and Mary Wetterick Horn (1854-1932) Family whose children were, Philomena (1875-1953), Agnes (1879-1962), Barbara (1881-1918), John (1882), Joseph (1885-1948), Peter (1890-1977), Christopher (1893-1962).  These 1st generation South Fairmont siblings were early members of the Lick Run, Little Italy and Petersburg neighborhoods and friends to many of our grandparents, parents and cousins who have passed on.     

The 2nd generation of the Horn Family in the early days of our church grew up on Horton Street next to Lutz’s Florist.  They were Lorraine (Horn) Metzner (1915-1936), Ralph (1916-1972) who wed Ruth Bernhard with children Howard and Ralph, John “Tex” (1917-2004) wed Mary Macke children Bernard and Linda.  Harold “Hal” (1919-2003) a Merchant Marine Veteran married Jan Smith children John, Joseph, Matthew, and the late Michael.  Loretta Horn Mazzaro (1922-2005) named after her Aunt Barbara (Horn) Cecale’s daughter, Loretta Cecale (1904-1906) wed Dan Mazzaro welcomed children, Daniel, Stephen, Tony, Sandra, and Gary.  Phillip “Flute” (1927-2019) trained as a Chef while serving in the Air Force wed Mary Stern in 1951 welcomed sons, the late Phillip who was wed to the late Marybeth (Wilhelmy) (1957-2019) James and Christopher.  A Memorial Garden in honor of Christopher Horn was dedicated by his brothers on the grounds of San Antonio Church.  Glenn Horn (1929-2017) married Rita Korte was a Combat Veteran of the Korean War and awarded 2 Purple Hearts.  Their children: Glenn Jr. Pete, Kevin, Jesse.  Glenn retired after 40 years with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.  Youngest daughter, Irene Horn (1932-2007), wed Clyde Neely (1935-1996).  Youngest son, Peter (1935-2018) was an Altar Boy who served Mass at San Antonio and St. Bonaventure’s wed Mary Ellen Nieman (1937-2016).  Peter was a World War II Veteran, worked in the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts and as a park Ranger with the Parks Department.  Peter and Mary Ellen’s family consisted of Kathy, Susan, and Gregory.


News from San Antonio Church – April 17, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin April 17, 2022

by Terrie Evans

By Terrie Evans

Buona Pasqua! We welcome everyone to San Antonio Church on this Easter Sunday as we continue our celebration in this Anniversary year of our 100th milestone celebration.  Today we recall the large Carota Family who have been members of our little mission church since the early days.  Agostino Carota (1885-1973) was born in Felitto, Italy and was married to Antonia Minella (1884-1958) in Felitto on December 13, 1908.  It seems that Agostino came to America first, sending for his wife Antonia in 1910.  She sailed from Naples on the ship “Duca di Genova” with $20.00, given to her by her father and arrived in New York on the July 4th weekend in 1910.  When they settled in Cincinnati; 6 sons and 3 daughters were born.  Their children:  Henry Carota (1912-1997), Julius “Jule” Carota (1913-1966), Anthony “Mish” Carota (1914-2002), Alfred Raphael Carota (1916-1959), Frederick “Reke” Carota (1918-1999), Anne Carota (1920-1987), Helen Carota Arnold (1923-2021), Carmen Carota (1924-1924), and Joseph Carota (1925-2007).  They established their homestead on Tillie Avenue when Agostino supported his family by working for C G & E, a job he held until retirement.  Agostino and Rosaria were active in all church events, he was a member of the Contindina Society, Rosaria a member of the St. Ann’s Ladies Society and they both were active in the Felitto Club.  They were also very proud of their 6 sons who all served in various branches of service all over the world during World War II and daughter Helen (Carota) Arnold’s husband Ensign Frank Arnold who served with the Merchant Marine.

Henry Carota (1912-1997) wed Ruby Marie (Stansberry) (1909-1993) and they resided at 6804 Vine Street when he came home from serving as a Staff Sgt.  in the Army stationed in India. 

Julius (Jule) Carota Sr. (1913-1966) married to Virginia “Virgie” White while living at 2189 High Street when he left for service as a Seaman 2nd Class in the Navy stationed in New Guinea.  On his return, Jule and Virgie moved to 3711 Queen City Avenue and then to 636 Fairbanks Avenue and welcomed 6 children:  Carol, Jeanette, Linda, Judy, Julius Jr., and Charva.  On February 9, 1966, Julius Sr. was killed in a tragic car accident at 1940 Grand Avenue after he struck a utility pole. 

Anthony “Mish” Carota (1914-2002) was married to Margaret Carota while serving with the Engineers as a Tech Sgt. In the Army while stationed in the Philippines.  In 1964,” Mish” wed Jean (Faulkner) Carota (1933-2015) children:  Debbie and Douglas. 

Alfred Raphael Carota (1916-1959) wed Corrine (Cook) Carota (1916-2006) and resided at 824 Findlay Street before being sent overseas in the Army in 1943 and was wounded on March 12, 1945, in Germany and recovered at a Hospital in England.  They moved to 2524 Ring Place and welcomed Susan, Cassey, Paulette (1948-2010) and son Alfred J. Carota (1941-2001) who served as a Sgt. In the Marines in Viet Nam.  Alfred and Corrine had just bought their home on Ring Place a few years before he was killed in 1959 while working as a Rigging Foreman for CG&E.  He was only 44 years old. 

Frederick “Reke” Carota (1918-1999) married Charlotte Gibson (1917-2001) and was living at 2423 Symmes Street; he was stationed in Holland during his service with the Army as a field Artillery man.  They welcomed children:  Joan, Fred, Henry, Joseph, and Edward.

 Daughter Anne Carota (1920-1987) remained single and became a much beloved Aunt to her siblings’ children.  

Daughter Helen (Carota) Arnold (1923-2021) wed Frank Arnold (1922-1983) just before he left for the Merchant Marine during World War II.  They welcomed daughter Toni Ann and son Hank and were generous San Antonio supporters as members of the Felitto Club.  They travelled to Italy many times along with many of their friends from church; especially Kate Minella and Vince Cerchio Sr. and his wife Helen (Florimonte).

 Daughter baby Carmen who was born in 1924 and sadly lived for only 4 days, passing away on May 20, 1924.  The youngest, Joseph Carota (1925-2007) enlisted in the the Navy at age 18 and completed training at Gunnery School at Great Lakes, Illinois before being stationed as an armed guard serving on a tanker in the Atlantic.  Joseph wed Eunice Black (1926-2017) on May 24, 1946, in Barnsburg, Ohio living at 2168 Tillie Avenue and were married for 61 years.  Joseph worked for GATX Railroad and as a park Ranger at Miami Whitewater Park.  Joe and Eunice welcomed children:  Natalie (Carota) “Boo” Bierman (1953-2005), Nancy Jo (Carota) Haynes (1947-2014) and Jeff Carota.

When Patriarch, Agostino (August) Carota (1885-1973) passed away at 87 years old, he left 22 Grandchildren and 27 Great Grandchildren to carry on the legacy of the Carota family with many friends who were all members of the Italian Societies.