News from San Antonio Church – June 26, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 26, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On Sunday, July 3rd, our San Antonio Church Community will hold a reception in our Hall to honor those dedicated present-day members who celebrate Mass with us every Sunday.  We have welcomed new parishioners in the last 20 years such as Richard “Dick” Linnemann who designed a new gate for the church after his good friend, Guy Langenbrunner erected the new brick enclosure.  Dick has helped us out many times when our fence was damaged due to out-of-control drivers.    Dick, a descendant of 2nd Great Grandfather, Carriage maker, John Linnemann (1820-1901) originally from Hanover, Germany.  Dick’s Great Grandfather, Bernard H. Linnemann (1849-1933), a manufacturer in the Auto Industry, was known for using an old Ford chassis to build the 1st station wagon used at the Western Hills Country Club.  Dick’s father, Richard J. Linnemann (1905-1980) became a legend in the boat racing circles inventing gadgets for hydroplanes and reconstructing houseboats built a one-of-a-kind desk for Syd Nathan of King Records.  Father, Richard J. and son, Richard B. “Dick” Linnemann worked on projects at Sterling Industries for the Lookout House, Hueston Woods and many local restaurants where their signature paneling, chandeliers and decorations can be found.  Presently, Sterling Industries is known for Metal, Plastics and Wood Fabrications.  Our dedicated parishioner, Dick Linnemann married his wife Carol Moeschl at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on August 31, 1957, celebrating 65 years in 2022.  Their family consists of daughters, Tammi, Donna, and son Richard.

We also remember longtime parishioner Jim Schulter and his late wife Sandy (1943-2016) who were a big part of the history of San Antonio Church.   Jim’s sister Fran (Schulter) Acito was married to the late Joe Acito (1945-2011) and is a good friend of Jack and Pam (Acito) Baker.  Jim is now at Bayley Place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

San Antonio Church parishioners for 15 years, Frank Perrotta and Deanne “Dee” Gardonio introduced our church community to the legend of San Francisco de Paola, their much-revered saint born in Paola, Italy in 1416.  We have learned of the saint’s healing powers and the importance of his Feast Day, July 15th.  Frank has become the caretaker of the beautiful carved wood likeness of the saint while designing and adorning San Francesco with the gold Charitas crown.  Frank has also   donated a beautiful 18 carat gold chain with a St. Anthony Pendant for our 100t Anniversary Raffle.  Frank and Dee have volunteered at Lunch on the House, Palm Sunday Bake Sales, and Annual Spaghetti Dinners.  Dee has become well known to our priests as the coffee cake baker for her homemade treats she has gifted them over the years.      

A lifelong church member from the Studt Family, Sandy (Studt) Schroeder has been a supporter of San Antonio Church and a volunteer at our twice monthly Lunch on the House noontime meals.  Sandy’s parents are Bob and the late Louise (Marckesano) Studt (1930-2017) with siblings, sister Debbie, and brother Bill.  Sandy has two sons John and Rob with husband Carl Stoecklin.

Angela Crovetti has been a member of the Men’s and Ladies Club as an Officer, served and scheduled student helpers at the Spaghetti Dinners, and supported the yearly Pizza Party and Palm Sunday Bake Sales.  She dutifully brought Panera bread, bagels, cookies, and many delicious baked goods for our Lunch on the House Program for many years.  Our guests were very appreciative for all the extra goodies Angela brought to the Hall for them to enjoy.

A few years ago, we welcomed Dan and Melissa (Morrissey) Minella, part of the large Minella Family. Dan and son Christiaan have attended Mass regularly and have made many family connections with other San Antonio Parishioners.  Dan’s parents were Alfred (Daggy) Emil (1913-1970) and Dorothy Elizabeth (Maguire) Minella (1918-2013) and grandparents were Sabato Minella (1875-1956) and Philomena (Sciarti) Minella (1884-1950).   Son, Christiaan Minella, a graduate of The University of Notre Dame   wed Andrea Alkire on June 4, 2021, and just celebrated their 1st Anniversary. Congratulations! 

A new parishioner joining San Antonio Church 9 years is George “Yotz” Purtell who was married to the late Freda Louise (Perkins) Purtell (1945-2015) originally from Montcalm, West Virginia.  Freda was popular Waitress at Camp Washington Chili when they lived in the area and attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church before moving to Westwood.   George “Yotz’s enjoys making new friends and became a good friend to Fr. Earl Fernandes (now Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus) who officiated at Freda’s Funeral Mass.  George shares his love of all sports, Bengals. Reds, Horseracing and Bingo with daughter Donna, son-in-law Tim Gregory and granddaughters, Rebecca, Sylvia, and Jessica.  

Parishioner, Joe Yoshimura a transplant from Chicago has become a regular at our 9:00AM Sunday Mass.   Joe came to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University and went on to teach in the CPS schools for over 35 years winning Teacher of the Year at Walnut Hills High School in 1998.  Joe was also and a well-respected High School Basketball Referee for 27 years.  Joe and wife Martha have been married for 21 years 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  

A new family to San Antonio Church the Gregg and Lisa Ellerhorst Family including children Virginia, Ashley, Rob, Will and Audrey.   Gregg’s parents the late Robert (1928-2008) and much-loved teacher at Our lady of Visitation School, Marian (Reck) Ellerhorst (1928-2020).   Gregg’s siblings, Jan, Julie, Cindy, Gary, Pete, and Brian. 

San Antonio was happy to welcome   Carol (Charters) Frey, friend of Mary Ann and Joe Cupito as a parishioner.  The Cupito’s introduced her to San Antonio Church after the passing of her husband of 40 years, Paul “Hans” Frey, an Elder teacher for 37 years and Basketball Coach for 22 years where there is a Memorial Court dedicated in his honor.  Besides supporting our church, Carol has been doing volunteer work at the St. Lawrence School library.  

Our newest family to join our church is the Steinriede Family: Henny, Eleanor, Salina, Devon, and Jesse who attended Mass with us on Sunday’s.  The Steinriede’s have been residents of South Fairmount since the 1800’s with their descendants strong supporters of St. Bonnie’s Church and School.   The late Steinriede Patriarchs were James, Harry, and Jerome.  Denny Gardner’s friend was the late Harry Steinriede Jr. (1948-2014) his classmate at St. Bonnie’s School and his lifelong friend until his passing.

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