News from San Antonio Church – August 15, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin August 15, 2021

by Terrie Evans

On Sunday, September 5th, San Antonio Church will honor the different branches of the Minella, D’ Agostino (Augustine) and  Ventre  families.  During the month of August, we will introduce the 1st generation of those  newly arrived families who settled in our neighborhood and helped to establish  our church.      

The 1st is  Antonio D’Agostino or Augustine (1885-1926) who married  married Concetta Agnes Mary D’Angelo.  In 1910, their homestead was located  in Lower Lick Runs at 1933 Montrose Street.  Augustine Siblings:  Josephine Rosa (Augustine) La Casella (1911-1984), Russell John Augustine (1913-2001), Mary Carole (Augustine) Wakeman (1915-2005), Nicholas frank Augustine (1916-1997), John Baptist Augustine 1919-2006), Anna Agnes (Augustine) Haney Drahmann Coppola (1921-1962), Jean (Augustine) Bromwell (1923-2015) Carmella (Augustine) Roda (1925-1994).  Antonio D’ Agostino was born in Italy  with  his siblings  Rosario D’ Agostino (1872-1954) and Angela (D’ Agostino) Roberto (1878-1952).  

2nd, The  Minella Family in the Upper Lick Run section at 1986 Queen City Avenue.  Raffaele  “Ralph” Minella, (1877-1963),  son of Vito and  Marie (Carraccio) Minella married Philomena (Perrone) in Italy.  Minella Siblings :  Victor Minella (1899-1985), Marie Anna (Minella) Augustine (1904-1992), Sabato “Sam” Minella (1907-1946), Mathilda Lea (Minella) Macaluso (1909-1981), Antoinette Mae (Minella) Lee (1911-1997), Theresa (Minella) Frye (1912-1997), Rose (Minella) Dattilo (1915-2014), Catherine “Kate” Minella (1918-2011), Herman S. Minella (1920-1993).  At the time of his death, Raffaele lived in the United States for 62 years arriving here in 1901.  His siblings were Antoinette (Minella) Schiavo (1864-1948) Theresa( Minella ) Guerrera  (1866-1955) Mathilda (Minella )Schiavo (1871-1938),  Sabato Minella (1875-1956), Maria (Minella) Morra (1883-1935), and Silvano Minella (1875-1956).  Raffaele and Philomena’s granddaughter was TV personality, Dottie (Macaluso) Williams (1929-2019).   

There were 3 Ventre brothers who came from Felitto, Italy as young men.  They were the sons of Carmine and Caroline (Sabetta) Ventre, The 1st,  Domenico Ventre (1877-1933) and his wife Ermalinda (Salerno)  Ventre (1877-1958) resided at 2330 Quebec Road with children:  Herman, Carmen, Nicola and Caroline.  2nd, Vito Ventre (1880-1965) and  Maria Reviello (1889-1966)  resided at 1825 Forbus Street with children:  Carmen, Herman, Caroline, Philomena, Angela, Anthony.   3rd,  Luciano  (1895-1984) married  Maria (Schiavo) Ventre (1898-1962) settled at 1914 Horton Street with siblings:  Carolyn (Ventre) Acito (1921-2009) (Officer of the Ladies Sodality), Casmineo Ventre (!925-1925) and Joseph Louis Ventre (!926-1998). Carolyn Ventre  married Peter Acito (1916-1993) and both  became valued members of San Antonio Church and members of the Choir.  Carolyn’s brother Joseph Louis Ventre wed Elsie Farson and welcomed Steve, Doug, Greg, Jeff, Karen and Dan (three of the Ventre boys became Cincinnati Policemen).  Other Ventre families:  Nick (1923-2009) and Catherine (Carchedi) (1925-1983) attended Rosary and Mass along with  sisters, Gilda Ventre Meehan (1922-2012) and Mathilda (Ventre) Fischer who were members of the St. Ann’s Ladies Sodality and worked the annual Spaghetti Dinners in years past.

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