News from San Antonio Church – August 22, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin August 22, 2021

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday, we introduce members  from the different branches of the D’Agostino (Augustine) and Minella Families in anticipation of our next family celebration on September 5th.  The 2nd  grouping  of the 1st generation of  the Rosario (Russell) D’Agostino (1872-1954) and Giuseppina (Josephine) Rizzo (1874-1925) family who married in Felitto, Italy around 1899.  Rosario’s (Russell’s)  siblings were:  Antonio D’Agostino (1885-1926), and Angela (D’ Agostino) Roberto (1878-1952). Giuseppina’s (Josephine) siblings were:  Angela (Rizzo) Roberto (1861-1935) and brother Giovanni Rizzo.  They couple settled into their homestead at 2028 Queen City Avenue in the Upper Lick Run area of South Fairmount  where  Rosario and Giuseppina welcomed children :  Giuseppe(Joseph)  (1901-1966) born in Felitto, Nicola Rosario (1903-1909) born in Felitto, (1904- 1909), while  Dominic (1908-1969), Lillian ( D’ Agostino) La Casella (1910-1979), and Giovanni (1915-1916) D’Agostino were born in Cincinnati.  Giuseppe (Joseph) D’Agostino wed local girl,  Anna Minella on October 28, 1922 and they had two children;  Russell Frank (1923-2018) and Josephine Ann ( Augustine) La Rosa (1931-2011).  Lillian D’ Agostino married Frank La Casella (1904-1986)  on May 26, 1926 and they had two children Dorothy Marie and Louis La Casella (1933-1933).   

The next group of Minella Family members were the Family of Silvano Minella (1888-1961), son of Vito and  Palma (Cuccio) Minella (1849-1929).  Silvano, a tailor, married the daughter of Mary Josephine( Palmieri) (1881-1973) and Lorenzo Panaro (1874-1940), Bernadina “Dena” Panaro on September 14, 1913.  They  established  their family home at 1933 Montrose Street in the Lower Lick Run section of South Fairmount when White Street was a hilly unpaved road.  Their  large home  built in 1886, became an apartment house  and good residence to local renters once the Minella siblings were married and on their own.  Silvano and Dena welcomed 7 children:  Victor C. Minella (1914-1992), Lawrence Minella (1916-1917), Palma Viola (Minella) Dattilo (1918-2016), Marian Josephine (Minella) Schiesz (1920-2012), Mathilda “Tilda” (Minella) Wegman-Law (1922-2008), Richard “Mussie” Minella (1926-2015), and Ralph Joseph Minella (1928-2020).  Silvano Minella had two younger sisters, both also born in Felitto, Italy, Maria Minella Morra (1882-1955) who wed Domenico Antonio Morra in 1905 and had :  Angelina (Morra) Bonavita (1905-1984), Palma (Morra) Del Vecchio (1907-2001), Joseph Morra (1911-1986) Jean (Morra) Henkenberens (1911-2002), and Rose Morra (1926-1993).  Silvano’s other sister, Brigida (Minella) Tedesco (1882-1970), wed Gaetano “Thomas” Tedesco and had Lucy M. Tedesco (1908-2001) and Carmen Jose Tedesco (1919-1974).  The Tedesco family settled in Hartford, Connecticut and are buried there.  Silvano, Brigida and, Mary  also had siblings from their father, Vito’s 1st marriage to Maria (Caracciola) :  Antoinette (Minella) Schiavo (1864-1948), Theresa (Minella) Guerrera (1866-1955), Mathilda (Minella) Schiavo (1871-1938), Sabato Minella (1875-1956), Raffaele Minella (1877-1963) who will be introduced in next week’s bulletin.

You can also look forward to the future stories of another group of Minellas, sisters who made South Fairmount their home: Rosaria Minella Florimonte, Elena Minella Di Stasi, and Antonia Minella Carota.

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