News from San Antonio Church – Dec. 5, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin December 5, 2021

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday, San Antonio Church and its parishioners welcome many generations of the Andriacco, Scriveri, Lucia and Soldano families for a Mass and Celebration to commemorate those family members who were present when the 1st San Antonio Italian Parish was founded.  These families settled in the Little Italy section of South Fairmount after arriving from towns throughout Southern Italy.  They made the journey to find a better way of life and raise their children who would go on to become the new generation of Italian Americans.  They never looked back to the “Old Country” but forward in their new home country.  Today we remember and honor the memories of those who are no longer with us and celebrate those family members who grace our church on this festive day as we anticipate our 100th Anniversary in the fall of 2022. 

One of those families, the large Andriacco Family have been members of San Antonio Church since they resided at their 14-room family homestead at 1890 Queen City Avenue, two doors north of the St. Francis Hospital.  Their multi-family home became a much-needed residence   for the Andriacco and Scriveri families and to the many cousins who grew up there. The Sebastiano Andriaccco family relocated to 1870 Queen City Avenue when   their family farm located in Blanchester, Ohio was lost during the Depression.  They had many acres in the country with a large farmhouse to accommodate generations of Andriacco’s.   When they moved to Queen City Avenue, the men took on tedious jobs and worked hard to support their families and in their spare planted beautiful gardens located at the end of Montrose Street.  James,  Joseph and Donato Andriacco grew tomatoes corn, green beans, and potatoes.  After their many daily jobs were done, they got together and made wine.  When Mary Andriacco wed Vincent Scriveri, they moved on the lower right side of 1890 Queen City while Helen Andriacco Walsh and her husband Joseph, lived on the lower left side of the large multi -family home.  The cousins of the Andriacco/ Scriver have held their Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals at San Antonio Church and have been there to support us.   When Jewell (Patterson) Andriacco passed away, her spouse   Donato, and sons Dan and Tony Andriacco planted a tree in honor of their Matriarch, on the ramp side of our church and years later when San Antonio Church was in need, their grandson Daniel Andriacco purchased vestments for the priests in honor of his grandparents the late Donato and Jewell. 

            The Lucia family, Pasquale and his wife Grace Tedesco Lucia were active members since the start of our church in 1922. Grace was a member of the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality until her passing in 1939.   After the marriage of Sam Lucia and Lucia Soldano in 1940, the blended family also took part in many activities and fundraisers   and supported San Antonio throughout their lives.  The oldest sibling, Bap Soldano worked the many festivals and fundraisers.  He would cross the street to Yeager’s Bakery to use their mixer to prepare the dough for the Pan pizzas San Antonio became known for.  After marrying Josephine Ciccone  (who was one of the 1st Choir members)  Bap too joined the choir and the St. Anthony Men’s Society while Josephine became a member of the St. Ann’s Married Ladies Sodality.   Josephine Ciccone Soldano will   always be remembered as a kind, welcoming person to new members of the neighborhood.  Josephine “Jo”  became a trusted friend to many and especially to new brides like Umbertina Carla Crozzoletto Lucia who she helped settle in after her marriage to Herman “Muscle” Lucia.  After the death of Sam Soldano, widow Lucia Soldano wed Pasquale Lucia and the two families were forever united.  When Pasquale died, Lucia carried on as Matriarch for both sets of siblings. 

There are many good memories of Lucia Soldano Lucia in her upstairs sunny kitchen preparing a big breakfast for all those family members who attended Sunday Mass at San Antonio Church all those years ago.  Those mornings would become a way for everyone to stay close.

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