News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 6, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 6, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this 1st Sunday in February, San Antonio Church welcomes and salutes 3 more historical church families for a Mass and reception in our Hall.  Today we honor the LaCortiglia, Belfiore and Gorrasi family members as we recall their dedication to our church.  These families were connected to everyone from the “old neighborhood” and have provided a lot of good memories that are still shared among our parishioners today.  Luigi La Coritglia (pictured in St. Anthony Welfare Dedication picture)  with  sons Carmen, (on the military Honor Roll in our Hall) and Angelo settled at 1977 Harrison Avenue.   They had family close by, an uncle who was here at that time, Michael Scorziello and wife Barbara who resided at 1907 Biegler Street.   Carmen would meet and marry a young woman from Italy. Anna Belfiore who was living at 1998 Queen City Avenue with widow Josephine (Palmieri) Panaro and young couple,  George and Rosie (Cupito) Young.    After serving during World War II Carmen would become the neighborhood Barber and welcome daughter Angela and sons Pasquale and Sylvester.  They were present at all events with Anna volunteering at the Bingo Booth for many of the festivals held in our church lot.  When Carmen and Anna welcomed grandchildren, the Baptisms were held at San Antonio Church.  Carmen’s brother, Angelo also married a girl from the area, Mary Margaret Mazzaro from the Antonio Mazzaro family who lived at 1695 Montrose Street and their children, Mary Angela, Patricia, and Louis. 

The Belfiore’s, Joseph, Teresa, Anna, and Lina came to Cincinnati in the 1950’s and were welcomed by his sister, Anna (Belfiore) La Cortiglia, to South Fairmount and San Antonio Church.  They would locate to an apartment at the corner of Harrison and Fairmount Avenues near their Aunt Anna and Uncle Carmen and the new family to our community became members of our church.  Aunt Anna and Uncle Carmen helped their niece,  Anna enroll at St. Bonnies School and were there for their youngest Lina.  The Belfiore family looked forward to Saturday nights at the LaCortiglia’s home above the Barber Shop for a delicious meal and spending time with their cousins.  After dinner, the men would play a game of Italian cards on a specially built round table that included Papa Luigi, Carmen, Angelo, Joseph Belfiore and Salvatore Petrillo, the new owner of Scalea’s Grocery.  The Belfiore’s had their first memories in their new homeland around the families of South Fairmount and the little Italian Church that they would support for many years.  They would welcome their son Astride (Reese) open a business and move to a new house and years later, son-in-law Dolphus” Boyd”  (1948-2021) and Anna (Belfiore) Davis would become parishioners with sons, the late Doug and Jeff.

The 3rd family we honor this Sunday is Joseph and Carmella Gorrasi family who settled at 1845 Westwood Avenue with children, Grace, George Ralph, Frank Anthony, Carl Charles, Donald, and David.  The Gorrasi family also had 3 uncles who were also parishioners, James who resided at 1897 Montrose Street , Leo who lived at 2800 Queen City Avenue and Emilio who resided at the Gorrasi household on Westwood Avenue.  The Gorrasi family is also related to the D’Angelo Family through Carmella Aurichio Gorrai’s mother whose maiden name was D’Angelo.  All the Gorrasi men were part of the Men’s Society, the Contadini Society and were present at many April Men’s Nights over the years.  We welcome the descendants of the Gorrasi siblings who are no longer with us and those two surviving siblings,  the oldest Grace Gorrasi Manz King and the youngest, David Gorrasi.

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