News from San Antonio Church – Jan. 9, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin January 9, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this 2nd Sunday of the New Year, we introduce the next family groups to be honored and celebrated February 6th.  The first to recall were the members of the LaCortiglia family who left the town of Albanella, Italy located in the southwestern part of the country.  Luigi LaCortiglia (1890-1990) journeyed to America with his two sons, Joseph Angelo (1911-1977) and Carmen (1914-2010) after the passing of his wife and their Mama, Angela.  They arrived in New York on the ship Colombo on October 26, 1927, with $25.  Angelo was 16 and Carmen was 13 when they traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio after their uncle Michael Scorzziello and his wife Barbara settled here from Peru, Indiana to a little frame house at 1907 Biegler Street.  They settled at 1977 Harrison Avenue where they established their homestead for many years.  Luigi LaCortiglia’s (1890-1990) number one desire was to make it to his 100th Birthday, as he recalled all the churches in the little towns throughout Italy ringing their Church bells to honor the milestone.  Luigi did and saw his two sons marry, have children and he felt blessed when grandchildren arrived.  His oldest son, Angelo married Mary Mazzaro (1918-1994) and was employed at the Frederick Schmidt Company at 5th and Main Streets at the age of 29.  Years later, Angelo went on to work as a maintenance worker at Procter and Gamble until his retirement.  Angelo (Skee) and Mary welcomed daughters Mary Angela (LaCortiglia) Brock, Patricia (LaCortiglia) Lancaster, and son Louis LaCortiglia.  He was a member of San Antonio Church, the Holy Name, and the Contadini Italian Societies at the time of his passing. 

During World War II, youngest son, Carmen LaCortiglia joined the Army and served in the Pacific in Iwo Jima and Okinawa.  While stationed at those remote posts, servicemembers were assigned to different jobs and Carmen was chosen to cut hair and that is how he became a neighborhood barber through-out his life.  On his return from serving in the Army while attending San Antonio Church, Carmen met Anna Belfiore who had just arrived from Italy and was living on the east side of Cincinnati before moving to the Panaro home at 1998 Queen City Avenue.  Anna longed for a connection to others like herself and she found that in the community around the church.  After they married, Anna made a comfortable home for the couple on the second floor above the Barber Shop at 1937 Harrison Avenue where they welcomed daughter Angela and in 1958 added two brothers from Italy to their home.  She knew how important it was to young children to be part of a family as Anna (Belfiore’s) Father, Joseph was orphaned as well as her siblings after the death of her mother.  Carmen and Anna worked with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and after almost a 3 year wait, Sylvester and Pasquale joined the LaCortiglia Family.  Anna (Belfiore) LaCortiglia was known for her dressmaking and her cooking skills and Carmen was known for his magnificent garden in a vacant lot directly across the street from their home.  Carmen grew a variety of vegetables along with peppers and tomatoes for Anna’s kitchen.   Anna will always be remembered for her genuine kindness and how much fun the other quilters and Monday morning crafters had at the San Antonio Hall.  Carmen and Anna were married for 52 years at the time of her passing and witnessed Sylvester wed Mary Lou, Angie wed Bill Thesing and Pasquale wed Pasqualina and welcome 7 grandchildren.    

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  1. My name is Charles Carmen LaCortiglia, born in Boston, March 29, 1948.
    I was told for years there were not many LaCortiglia’s in the US.
    I’m currently retired in Summerville, SC.
    My grandfather was Peter LaCortiglia born November 13, 1877 in Albanella, Italy and came to East Boston, Ma in 1906.
    I would love to contact any of the LaCortiglia’s to learn more about my family.
    Chuck LaCortiglia

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