News from San Antonio Church – Nov. 14, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin November 14, 2021

by Terrie Evans

In the next few weeks of November,  we will introduce  the Andriacco, Scriveri, Lucia and Soldano families to honor more of the early  families of the neighborhood and of San Antonio Church for their celebration on  Sunday, December 3.  The first family to recall  is  Sebastian Andriacco (1861-1934) a widower,  who came to this country  with son Antonio Angelo Andriacco (1881-1961).  They left  Potenza, Italy and arrived in America  around 1897 when Antonio Angelo, was 16  years old. 

By 1910 Sebastian was now living at 1890 Queen City Avenue (a 14 room house)  with other family members and working as a contract laborer.   Years later, his son, Antonio Angelo (1881-1961) would marry  Lucy Guerra (1880-1940 and add children:  1st daughter Marie (1905- 1979) who married Vincent Scriveri (1896-1973); raising a family at 1955 Fairmount Avenue and  then moving to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Antonio Angelo and Lucy, while on the Andriacco Farm in Blanchester, Ohio  lost their son, Sebastian (1907-1924) named after his grandfather, from a hunting accident when he was just 17.  Their daughter Rose (1908-1935) died of tuberculosis  at age 27 and was buried from San Antonio Church.   In 1910, son  William Andriacco (1910-1975) served in the  Army during World War II, married  Sadie Hamblin had  children Rose Mary (1936-2017) Vera, and William Andriacco (1942-2018).   Daughter, Antoinette Andriacco (1911-1999) wed Frederick Romeo Tallarigo (1913-1996), children – son Fred Tallarigo.  Joseph Andriacco  (1916-2002) worked as a pipefitter with CG&E before serving joining the Army Air Force in 1942.  In 1942, Joseph  married Mildred Eisert (1918-2006) children David, John, Joseph (1951-2015)  Diane and Mary Jo.  Helen (Andriacco) Walsh (1918-1963)  wed  Joseph Walsh (1910-1987) who managed his family’s Grocery Store in the East End before serving as a Tech Sgt. in the Army during World War II.  Helen and Joseph welcomed 8 children:  Michael (1949-1966), Karen (Walsh) Reagan (1951-2013)  Stephen (1953-1970),  Anthony, Patty Ann, Mary Helen, Timothy and Margaret.  Donato Andriacco (1920-2006) one of the” Fairmount Guys” joined the Navy at 17  wed Jewell Patterson (1922-2001) when she was 18,  Sons Dan and spouse Ann (Brauer) Andriacco, and Anthony and spouse Martha( King) Andriacco.  The last sibling was Angelo Andriacco (1922-1926)  died of pneumonia at age 4 had his Angel Mass  at San Antonio Church.   

When Sebastian Andriacco, was 69,  he lived with grand-daughter, Mary (1905-1979) and  her spouse, Vincent Scriveri  (1896-1973) at 1890 Queen City Avenue with their children Frank, Anthony, Marion, Lucy, Pauline, Jo Ann and  Rosalie who died in infancy.  Head of the house, Vincent Scriveri  was born in Italy to Francesco and Marina Scriveri in 1896 and journeyed  to the United States at the age of 16.  Vincent served in the military in 1917 serving in World War I, became a United States citizen in 1918,  and married  Mary Andriacco in 1920.  Grandfather, Sebastian Andriacco  died  in 1934 after being struck by a bicyclist in front  of 1907 Queen city Avenue.  He was able to walk home from the accident but succumbed the next day at General Hospital.  As the  Scriveri family  grew, they moved to 1955 Fairmount  Avenue.  The Scriveri Siblings were:  Frank Scriveri (1922-1985), married to Audrey, children Pamela, Vincent, Carolyn and Frank and with 2nd Spouse Connie, daughter Francine.  Anthony “Ice” Scriveri (1925-2013) in World War II participated in Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 went on to serve in the Merchant Marine and after moving to  Ft. Lauderdale,  Florida  joined the Lauderdale Fire Dept until retirement in 1975.  Marian Scriveri (1927-2009) married Paul Risch and they had one son Rick.  Lucy Scriveri (1928-2016) worked as a secretary with the City of Cincinnati and at Xavier University until retiring, Pauline Scriveri (1931-2020) married 1st Robert James children Robert, Geri and Alice then married widower, Marvin Miller with sons, Glen, Gary and daughter Karen.  Jo Ann Scriveri  (1936-2010)  married Louis Schoepf, worked in marketing and management for Super X Drug Stores and for Hoeting Reality; had Steven, Chris and Sandra.  The last child born to Mary (Andriacco) and Vincent Scriveri was daughter, Rosalie Scriveri  who died as an infant in 1937.

Update: Our volunteers contribute a great deal of their personal time and energy to researching the original families of San Antonio, but these articles may omit info that is unknown to them from time to time. One such omission was recently brought to our attention. Frank Scriveri (1922-1985) had another daughter, Patricia Scriveri, who was not included above. She married James Gartner at San Antonio Church in 1968.

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