News from San Antonio Church – Sept. 12, 2021

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Weekly Bulletin September 12, 2021

by Terrie Evans

Our next Mass and celebration is scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd with San Antonio Church honoring  4 early families.  The 1st will be the  members from the Delseno and  Stevens (DiStefano) Families.   Dating back to those early years, Angelo Michael Delseno  (1877-1964) was born in the Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy  to parents Guiseppe and Rosina Delseno.  Angelo (1877-1964) wed Philomena Paladino (1881-1964)  and  in 1903, they journeyed to America.  A few years later,  Angelo and Philomena bought their home at 1978 Queen City  in the Upper Lick Run area of South Fairmount while he worked for the Cincinnati Gas Company at  4th and Main.  They  welcomed siblings Joseph John Delseno ( 1906-1973) who wed Irene Catherine Mead (1906-1980), Rose (Delseno) Schwartz Luken (1908-1986) 1st married Fred Schwartz (1888-1957 & 2nd  William Bernard Luken 1902-1972), Helen Delseno (1910-1975) who wed Robert Frank Murvine (1912-1981), John Delseno (1912-1981) who wed Josephine Mary Stevens (1913– 1979), Nelda Delseno (1915-1970) who wed Edward Clarence Ekhardt (1917-1968), Frank Delseno (1916-1931), Christine Grace Delseno (1918-2012) who wed Arthur Stath (1919-1991),  and Daniel (Donato) Delseno (1920-2001) who wed Marilyn Elizabeth Hickman (1923-2004).  Philomena and Angelo, known in the neighborhood for their vegetable and flower  gardens, passed away 5 months apart, Philomena (July 22, 1964) and Angelo (December 5, 1964), they were married over 60 years.   At one time their sons, John Delseno owned a restaurant on the West Side and his brother operated “Hobo Joe Delseno Café”.  

The next family to be honored on October 3rd  is the Daniel (Donato) 1883-1961 (Festival Committee 1932)  and Louise (Roberto) 1886-1963  Di Stefano (Stevens) Family.  Married  in Italy around 1902, they  had their first child Dominic( Elmer) Stevens in Italy on September 24, 1904 and around 1906, they arrived in America.  Dominic (Elmer) Stevens (Secretary of Festival Committee in 1932) married Virginia Mary Guerrera (1910-1970).  Dominic (Elmer) Stevens (1904-1987)  other siblings were Rose (Stevens)  Cerullo (1908-1992) who wed Antonio Cerullo (1902-1991) ( San Antonio Festival Committee in 1932).  Angela (Stevens) (1909-1979) employed as a Finisher in a tailor shop  wed Vincent De Luca (1899-1992)  lived at 1964 Queen City Avenue when Vincent was employed at Proctor and Gamble in Ivorydale .  The other siblings were Antoinette “Jean”(Stevens) (1911-1988) married to Phillip Cohen (Cohen Bros. Shoe Store) lived in Las Vegas where Jean worked as a waitress at the Dunes while Phillip held a government job, Josephine (Stevens) (1913-1979) wed to John Delseno (1912-1981), Theresa Mary Stevens (1915-1991)  worked at Kline’s, wed Joseph Gleisinger (1914-1997) ) and lived at 1980 Queen City Avenue when Joseph  worked at  A Topicz Company.     Noble Louis Stevens (1918-1992), who  wed Evelyn Orem (1920-1995) on April 14, 1941, were the 1st couple to marry in our new church.  Daniel N. Stevens Jr. (1920-1998) a POW during WWII Captured by Germans wed  Assunta “Sue”  Carelli (1918-1959) then Lena( Drew ) (1921-1998) in the 1960’s.  Louise Stevens (1923-1994) held jobs  in the restaurant industry and married Beverly Benton (1914-1999)  in 1981.  The oldest sibling, Dominic (Elmer) Stevens  owned  Haynay’s Grocery  Store with his wife, Virginia and their family consisted of Donald Stevens “Snoz” (1931-2008)  who wed Dolores (1932-2015) Joseph “Frog” Stevens (1940-2003) married Mary Ann Kurre (1949-2011) and current parishioner and last surviving sibling, Mary Louise( Stevens) and husband Frank Russo. 

You can also look forward to the future stories of another group of Minellas, sisters who made South Fairmount their home: Rosaria Minella Florimonte, Elena Minella Di Stasi, and Antonia Minella Carota.

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