News from San Antonio Church – Feb. 13, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin February 13, 2022

by Terrie Evans

The next family to introduce to our San Antonio Church Community will be Sebastian (1888-1959) who came to America in 1909 and Rosa (Esposito) Gargano (1893-1924) who were married on March 15, 1914, in Hamilton County.  They resided at 2008 Queen City Avenue as their family grew, they welcomed Anthony who only lived for 2 days and died from a heart defect (1915-1915) Carmella (1916-2000), Pasquale (1917-1998), Thomas (1918-2004), Mary (1920-1986), Anthony Sando (1921-2005), and Rose Elizabeth (1923-2001).  Sebastian Gargano was present at the St. Anthony’s Welfare Center Dedication picture and is in the 3rd row next to Herman Di Stasi.  Sadly, Rosa (Esposito) Gargano passed away at the age of 31 leaving six young children, 3 staying with Sebastian and the younger ones placed in St. Joseph’s Orphanage.  Sebastian found steady work in the Sewer Department digging ditches to support his family and while at work, was hit by a truck in front of the Proctor & Gamble Company Plant on Spring Grove Avenue in 1929.   He survived the hit and run accident with deep cuts to his head and a possible skull fracture and was treated at General Hospital.  In 1935, Sebastian finally became a Naturalized Citizen while raising his children who were able to come back from St. Joseph’s Orphanage as young teens. 

The oldest daughter Carmella Gargano (1916-2000) wed William Galarde children:  Rose Angela, Janet. Michael and the late Thomas (1946-2004).  Pasquale “Pat” (1917-1998) left St. Joseph’s Orphanage at the age of 12 and at 17 joined the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC) a work program designed to supply jobs aid families during the Great Depression.  The program was available for single men from age 17 to 28 and provided them with shelter, clothing, food and $30 per month with $25 that had to be sent home to their family.  Pasquale would then serve in the U.S. Navy from 1938-1945 and upon his return, would meet his future wife on a visit to Bradford, Pennsylvania.   Almerinda Piazza, serving as a WAC during WWII would marry Pasquale Gargano in a Double Ring Ceremony on June 27, 1946, while he was a machine operator.  Years later they became owners of the Lackner Sign Company and welcomed son Richard “Dick”  Gargano.  Thomas Joseph Gargano (1918-2004) would also be released from St. Joseph Orphanage to serve in the Civil Conservation Corps working in West Virginia.   He would also join the U. S. Navy before his marriage to Mildred Irene (Wolford ) (1919-2005) and sign on for 21 more years until his retirement in 1957 as a Chief Warrant Officer.  Thomas was a World War II and Korean War Veteran serving on 5 War Ships and 2 Support Vessels.  When Thomas retired from the Navy, he went on to establish himself in a career in Engineering and Manufacturing Field.  Thomas and Mildred had one son Timothy “Tim” Gargano.  Daughter, Mary Gargano (1920-1986) married Jack Woodhouse and moved to Florida had children Benjamin, Donna and Steve.  Anthony Sando Gargano (1921-2005) served during World War II as a Gunner on a Navy Liberator search plane attached to the “ Blue Raiders”, a patrol bombing squadron.  Anthony was an Aviation Machinist’s Mate 3/c who went on to wed Mary Ellen Martin (1924-2021) who also served in the Army in World War II.  After the war, he established himself as a much sought out neighborhood Barber in South Fairmount for many years until he opened his new shop next to the Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant on Glenway Avenue in Price Hill.  Anthony and Mary’s family consisted of children, Anthony, Mary Rose, Pasquale “ Pat”, and Angeline.  The youngest daughter of Sebastian and Rosa was Rose Elizabeth Gargano (1923-2001) married Robert Lowe (1920-2002) on July 14, 1948, in Los Angeles, California while he was serving in World War II and Korea from 1947-1952.  Children Dennis, Thomas (T.C.), Phyliss and Bob.  They moved to the area around Dayton, Ohio and are buried there.

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