News from San Antonio Church – June 19, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin June 19, 2022

by Terrie Evans

As we get closer to the 100th Anniversary of our church, we recall the parishioners who have had no prior history to South Fairmount or any of our parish families.  One couple is Paul and Mary Louise (Timpe) Unverzagt.  Paul (1922-1985) and Mary Lou came to San Antonio Church around 1980 and after Paul’s passing, Mary Lou continued as a   parishioner for the next 27 years until the time of her death in 2012.  Paul was from a prominent Evansville, Indiana family, graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and served in the military during World War II.  Mary Lou (Timpe) Unverzagt grew up on Robert Avenue and moved to Clifton where she met Paul while he was taking classes at UC.   After Paul’s passing, Mary Lou attended Sunday Mass and volunteered every Monday in the Office at Holy Family as a counter for the Holy Family and San Antonio Sunday collections.  Mary Lou was very generous and donated large sums of money for our White Street Hall awning and the brick enclosure to protect our air conditioners.  Mary Lou was a part of our big San Antonio Parish family, and we still miss her. 

We also remember another couple, Fred, and Dixie (Klemme) Brandewiede (1940-2021) who shared a lot of San Antonio history with us as they supported our church and all our fundraisers.  Everyone from our church family will never forget Dixie’s beautiful welcoming smile.  We are still happy to see Fred Brandewiede at Sunday Mass and hear the latest news about his family, sons Mark and Matthew, daughter Melissa and his 6 Grandchildren.    

A San Antonio Church member who has become a part of our lives is Dennis Gardner who grew up in South Fairmount, attended St. Bonnies, graduated from Roger Bacon, and served in the Army Infantry during Vietnam 1967-1969.  Dennis was severely wounded in 1968 with many prayers said throughout the neighborhood for his recovery.  Dennis served his last year in the Army stateside and later attended the UC for Radiology.  Dennis wed Danease (Rosenacker) and welcomed Brian, Katie and 5 Grandchildren.  At the request of our late parishioner, Mel Fariello, Dennis was asked to serve Mass on Sunday’s and has been dutifully assisting for the last 15 years.  He has served at many funerals and has been flexible to the priests’ requests for feast days, blessings, and special occasions.   

Mary Ann and her cousin Jimmy Capano, (their fathers were brothers) started attending San Antonio Church around 2007 when we were celebrating our 85th Anniversary.  In 2006, Mary Ann had just retired as a Title Examiner, when she met Fr. James Schutte, Pastor at St. James.  On his invitation Mary Ann came to the Rosary and Communion Service and Lunch on the House.  Mary Ann also met Fr. Jim Kiffmeyer, at St. James White Oak when he was temporarily in charge on Fr, Schutte’s absence.  Fr.  Jim Kiffmeyer replace Fr. Jim Schutte at San Antonio in 2010, and at that time, Mary Ann found a new home church.  Mary Ann has been volunteering for the Rosary and Communion Service on Tuesday’s and at Mass on Sunday’s. 

Jimmy Capano soon followed as he had just retired from his full-time job in the restaurant business with the Commissar Family.  Jimmy and wife, Valerie Capano have always enjoyed the fast-paced work of the restaurant business and are now at the Capital Grille in Kenwood on Sunday’s.  Jimmy and Valerie’s family consists of 3 sons, Brandon, James, and Kyle.  Jimmy Capano has been a supporter of all our fundraisers, yearly Mussie Fest’s, and annual Spaghetti Dinners.  Jimmy’s Great Grandmother was Italia Marie (Zari) Mazzei (1888-1975) well known professional Midwife for 37 years who aided in 6,000 births while living in Cincinnati.  There is another Mazzei connection to Jimmy Capano with Connie (Mazzei) Dalessandro and Janet (Mazzei) Rieff.  They along with Janet’s hubby Mike are part of the group who picks up debris every Sunday morning before Mass to make our grounds a welcoming place.  

Tony and Sally Rosiello came to San Antonio Church with his cousin, Alfred (Sonny) and Mary Ann Denicola and Tony’s mom Carmella (Denicola) Rosiello (1929-2017) at the time of our 85th Anniversary.  Tony’s dad, Anthony P. Rosiello grew up at 525 Liberty Street and had passed away in 1991 at 68 years old.  Tony’s Grandparents were Anthony Rosiello (1889-1966) and Antoinette (Patalena) Rosiello (1893-1958) who came to America from Potenza, Italy.  Tony and Sally have really supported San Antonio Church from the start and have never turned down any requests.  They became strong   supporters who promoted our church to coworkers and friends, with Tony inviting Steve Chabot for a visit on Veteran’s Day for a flag ceremony, replacing our worn old glory.  Sally came forward to work tirelessly scheduling our priests and servers for Mass and funerals.  Tony oversaw the printing for the 1st placemat for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner and promoted every ad to make it a success.  Tony and Sally’s family consists of daughters, Gina and Ali, their spouses and 3 grandchildren.  

We have had many good volunteers for our church and hall.  Another dedicated volunteer is Donna Asalone who grew up in Walnut Hills attending Our Lady of Mount Carmel.   Donna came to San Antonio at the invitation of Carmella “Cumi” Berger to bake cookies for our Palm Sunday Bake Sale.  Donna has been with us for 5 years now joining the Men and Ladies Club and volunteering at the 2nd and 4th Tuesday Lunch on the House and for the 1st Sunday of the Month family receptions.  Donna’s parents were Giovanni Anthony Asaslone (1920-1980) and Pasqua (Perrino) Asalone (1921-2013 who came from Gallo, Province of Caserta, Campania, Italy.  Donna’s family consists of late husband Joseph Fleshman (1942-2019), daughter Marianne and grandchildren Kyle and Lauren.   

A couple who came to San Antonio Church to work at Lunch on the House have been volunteering for every event and have now joined the Men’s and Ladies Club.  Chuck and Nancy Bailey enjoy volunteering and are good friends of Dave and Sandy Sabatelli, Chuck and Nancy Bailey have enjoyed many new friendships and everyone at San Antonio wishes them well as they celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary on this Friday, June 24, 2022.  Congratulations!

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