News from San Antonio Church – May 1, 2022

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Weekly Bulletin May 1, 2022

by Terrie Evans

On this Sunday we welcome the Florimonte, Carota, Ciuccio, Mazzaro, and Horn Families as we continue our early San Antonio Church Parishioner family celebrations.  Giuseppe (Joseph) (1900-1961) and Rosaria “Rose” (Minella) Florimonte (1900-1971) are related to the Minella, Ferroni, and Cerchio families with the union of Vincent Cerchio Sr. (parents:  Alvina Ferroni and Gaetano Cerchio) to Helen “Lena”  Flrorimonte.  Joseph and Rose  (Minella) Florimonte settled in the Upper Lick Run section of South Fairmount at 2165 Queen City Avenue when they were involved in a car accident.  In July of 1939; they along with son Angelo, who was 8 at the time survived a serious car crash when they were rear ended by a Taxicab at McMillian Ave and Essex Place.  Rose suffered from shock and severe bruises of her chest while son Angelo was injured with a head injury.  They were transported to Bethesda Hospital and recovered.  Joseph Florimonte went on to be a Police Officer and in 1942 was employed as a Security Guard in charge of the Cincinnati Waterworks property.  He was hired to prevent sabotage by protecting the woods around the property during World War II.  The area was off limits to anyone who trespassed, and the guards were ordered to “Shoot on Sight” any interlopers who entered the grounds.  

The Agostino (1885-1973) and Antonia (Minella) Carota (1884-1958) family was also related to the founding members of San Antonio Church.  Their children were in the Communion and Confirmation Classes after the founding of our church in 1922.  The Confirmation Class Picture of 1927, shows Josephine, Anne, and Frederick (Reke) Carota present with our then Pastor, Fr. Vincent Graglia.  The Carota boys were known in the neighborhood as the “Fairmount Guys”  a group of young men who sometimes hung out at the White Horse Café at 1958 Queen City Avenue.  They all graduated from St. Bonnies and attended all the yearly class reunions, and the April “Mussie” Fests held every year.  The Carota Brothers owned Beppo Pizza Supply and Carota Pony Keg.  

The Vito (1902-1988) and Chiarina (Della Palma) Ciuccio  (1902-1987) family came to Cincinnati through Old Forge, Pennsylvania where other family members were already settled including some members of the Di Stasi Family.  The Vito Ciuccio Family lived at 1958 Queen City Avenue in the Upper Lick Run area and went on to became successful in the Restaurant business.  Generations of their family have supported San Antonio Church.  Relatives of Vito and Chiarina Ciuccio, the Nicola (1902-1957) and Filomena (Mazzaro)  Ciuccio (1905-1975) Family resided at 2233 Esmond Street in the Lower Lick Run area of South Fairmount.  Nicola “Nick”  is pictured in the dedication of St. Anthony Center seated between Pasquale Schiavo and Vito Guilarmo.  All the men wore the San Antonio Congregation ribbons on their lapels for this milestone event in South Fairmount.

The Mazzaro family were parishioners in the early years and have ties to the Ciuccio and Horn Families.  Antonio Mazzaro is pictured between Frank Andriacco and Rosario Fariello in the St. Anthony Center dedication picture.  The Mazzaro family resided in the Lick Run area of South Fairmount when Rosario and Belle (Bamonte) Mazzaro lost their son, Sgt. Anthony Mazzaro (1920-1944) during WWII.  He was serving with the 329th Inf. 83rd Div. when he was KIA in Belgium on December 29, 1944.  Many San Antonio Church members still recall this sad day in the history of our small neighborhood.  Sgt. Anthony Mazzaro was buried in the Veterans Section at St. Joseph New Cemetery.  We also remember the many family members of the Horn family from the time they lived at 1964 Montrose Street.  Peter Sr.  (1890-1977) and Lorraine Horn (1896-1977) have connections to our San Antonio Church families as their nine children grew up with many generations of our parishioners.  Ralph, John “Tex”, Harold “Hal”, Phil “Flute”, Glenn, and Pete Horn Jr.  had all been good friends to Richard “Mussie” Minella; and over the years returned for the reunions held at San Antonio Church.  Our parishioners will always recall Flute’s son, the late Phil, and wife Marybeth Horn who attended Mass with us every Sunday until their passing.   

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